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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, OK my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. I'm a 21 and I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(I would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The Succubus part 4B - Tom in Skyrim Part 2

This story follows immediately on from part 4
(Toms POV)
(Please comment if you like the addition of pictures)
I ran through the forest following the musky scent of Aela, every so often I caught a gimps of fur, the flash of a leg before she disappeared up into the trees. I was confident, she was heading to the mountains, she would soon be trapped by soaring cliffs and have no escape, and I would have her. The wind whipped through the trees stinging my eyes and ruffling my fur, sending small flurries of snow whirling between the trees. Then suddenly the trees ended, in front of me were the tower cliffs. I grinned knowing I had her.
She wasn't there. The snow was empty in front of me, her scent was there but she was not. Her scent was everywhere, I couldn't tell where she had gone. Then her scent was powerful and overwhelming, filling my sensitive nostrils.
Then I could smell nothing, snow filled my nose, I was face down on the ground with a great weight on my back. In shock I lost hold of my wolf form. The change in size allowed me to roll over for Aela's form clamped down on me again hold me in place. The coldness seeped into my skin as Aela looked down on me lips curled back showing her teeth. The look was clear I was not beast enough for her. I could not have her.

I wanted her. I must have her. The beast inside me growled, it would not be denied. With a howl I transformed back into beast form, hair rippling over me, every muscle bulging, the increase in size unbalanced Aela and with a wrench and a roll I was suddenly on top her face in the snow and my jaw clamped around her neck daring her to move. She growled and struggled but every time she moved I clamped my teeth down stopping her as I positioned myself. My manhood resting at her entrance and with a triumphant howl I thrust forward claiming her. In response she rippled and shrank, the hair withdrawing back into her body and her pussy clamping down and tightening around my oversize erection. She lay beneath me naked, her bare back, smooth white skin unbelievably smooth and soft for such a hard rugged and wild woman. I tried to morph back into human form but I couldn't, the beast in me wouldn't. I couldn't stop the beast slowly pulling out of Aela's warm tight pussy and then mercilessly ramming back in. She screamed, in beast form my cock was a monster and as I started to fuck her uncontrollably hard and fast she was screaming.

There was a breathless quality to the screams, and in between them the screams there was a panting, a lust filled breathless panting. Then the moaning started. She may have been in pain but she was loving it. Loving the beast. I held her down firmly, my claws digging into her skin her small lithe body engulfed by my size. I unclamped my jaw from her neck and started to taste her, running my thick tongue up her back tasting the musky sweat that glistened on her skin despite the cold.

The beast in me was roaring with triumph as the pleasure built up inside. Every thrust was like a mini orgasm oozing out pre-cum each time. The juice was already leaking out of her running down into the packed snow beneath us and matting into my fur. She was push back onto my rubbing herself against me moaning in pleasure, the screams were now almost entirely moans. I felt her shudder under me contracting and relaxing in waves on pleasure. I could feel the tightness in my gut pulse at the sight and feel of her orgasm beneath me, her long drawn out wail filling the night sky. I start to feel the pressure build to its unimaginable heights, my whole body was becoming more sensitive and I could feel every little movement that her pussy made around my cock the pressure in my gut was starting to expand and I could feel it growing in my balls and the base of my cock. I could feel the pressure rising through my shaft. I thrust into Aela, hard and forcefully plunging deep into her core. The warmth and the tingling suddenly explode and wave after wave of pleasure flows through my body with a warm epicentre at the base of my cock. the cum pumps out and I can feel the pressure inside Aela’s cunt grow as I pulse more and more cum into her tight warm enveloping hole.

I slowly slid out my shaft and tip feeling incredibly sensitive as they slid past her warm wet walls. Eventually I slid my prodigious length fully out of her and a stream of cum flowed out of her stretched pussy. She lay beneath me panting and sweating as the cum drained out of her. I stood up and gazed down at her limber body and the beast growled, he wasn't finished yet.

I picked Aela up and grabbed a thigh with each hand and letting her back lean against my chest I slid her down so that my cum soaked tip was nestled by her asshole. I lowered her slowly using her weight to force her down onto my cock. I was well lubricated covered in a mix of our juices but I was large and she was tight. It took a long time to slowly lower her down until I was final buried deep within her. She was biting her lip to keep for screaming and her eyes were watering in pain but her hands had slid down my fury chest and stomach to rub the base of my shaft and balls. Her ass clamped so tight around my shaft that I thought it would burst. I started to slowly slide out and in just a few inches at first but slowly as her ass got more used to it I was thrusting with my whole length.

 I was in such pleasure that I barely noticed that she was speaking "YES, fuck my ass you beast, fuck it hard while your cum still drips from my cunt. Fuck yes, oh fuck me you bastard harder, harder, OOHH GOD" as she said the last two word she shuddered against me convulsing in waves of pleasure. As she orgasmed her ass clenched up and I couldn't thrust into it again. I turned her round her body still quivering in ecstasy and her ass dripping pre-cum. The sight of her slim toned body with her cm filled cunt resting against the base of my cock sent shivers of lust coursing through my body.  her hand reached down and wrapped around my shaft and started pumping finishing off what her tight ass had started. I tensed the heat twisting in my gut and the base of my cock. Time seemed to slow as the cum rose up through my shaft until it exploded from the end shooting up her body. The first pulse hit her face splashing over her strong cheekbones and chin
covering her lips in pearly white blobs. The second wave hit lower down hitting the smooth pale globe of her right breast. the third wave hit lower again hitting her toned muscled stomach filling her belly button with thick white cum. the rest of the cum just oozed out of my shaft dribbling down its length to mix with the cum still oozing from her pussy. The cum on her face stated to slowly ooze down her chin sliding onto the graceful curve of her neck. the cum on her breast slid down to join the pool on her stomach which all slowly slid down, leaving behind a stick white trail, to the cum that had collected between my balls and her cunt.
Finally we separated as I lifted her away from me to set her on the ground. Long stands of cum still connected us until that started to sag and break.

As the last strand of cum connecting us broke I faded away. Darkness enveloping me I could feel my consciousness drift from the large wolfs body and enter something much smaller. I opened my eyes and saw two big greens eyes above me, looking at me. With an effort I looked away from the beautiful deep green eyes to the delicate face around it. I smiled as I finally remembered, I was Tom. That was Katie. I was home.