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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Private Life of Teachers

I stood in front of the year 9 class leading a discussion on the properties of carbon dioxide that make it good for smoke machines. It was the third time in two weeks that had had given this lesson and I feel that I may not have been teaching it with quite the enthusiasm I had on the first run through. On the upside I had already heard all the misconceptions and wrong answers before, I didn't mind when they got it wrong but had thought about it but the ones that just shout out key words when you ask a question really got under my skin. Connor, one of the students was particularly bad at this and was really starting to piss me off but of course I just smiled and corrected him and asking him to think for a little before he answered.
I set them off on a practical where they were making carbon dioxide by mixing HCl with limestone chips. everything was going fine, I was being pulled in a million different directions with students all asking questions at once, some not wearing goggles and others that just were not on task at all, all that is usual for a practical but then I see Connor fill a 100 ml beaker with HCl then start running back to his desk, right past me. "CONNOR!!!!" I yell about to admonish him for carrying acid in such a reckless manner. What happened next seemed to happen in slow motion, Connor stopped very suddenly in front of me, turning to face me, his arm with the HCl swinging round as he turned, some spilling out of the top, he noticed the spilling acid and made the exact wrong split second decision and let go of the beaker which flew through the air right at me. The acid splashed all over my white blouse. Connor stood frozen in front of me a horrified look on his face as if he expected me to start corroding right in front his eyes. a few of the girls nearby screamed as stray drops sprayed over them.
I didn't panic the HCl was diluted so there was no immediate danger although I didn't want to stay in an HCl soaked blouse for long. "Everyone who got acid on them go and wash it off now, the rest of you carry on with the practical I’ll send someone in to supervise in a second" as I say this the class relaxes seeing that I'm not about to die I even see a number of the boy's eyes drift to my now see through top that was plastered to my flat stomach and clearly showing the bra cupping my breasts.
I raise my eyebrows and walk out of room, quickly knocking on the door of the room next-door and getting another teacher to go in and cover for me before going into the prep room where I immediately pull of the soaked shirt and throw it into the sink quickly followed by the bra that was also soaked through, I was just reaching for a paper towel to dry off with when I realized I wasn’t alone in the room. Alex, or Mr Thompson as he is known to the kids is standing there looking slightly stunned "Err, hi?" he politely averts his eyes as I towel off and try to get as much of the acid off as possible and explain what happened. As I finish explaining he laughs "Ha, well that's something that's going to be around the whole school before the lesson is finished, was there time for any of the buggers to get a picture?"
"Nah I think they were all a little too shocked."
"That's good, that picture would have haunted you until you retired. Speaking of which would you like my jumper so that you're not teaching topless for the last period" he says as he takes off the jumper that he is wearing over the top of his shirt.
"Ahh thank you so much, your a life saver" I take the top and notice his obvious struggle not to look too much. I pull the top on, its a bit loose and the V-neck hangs a little too low for comfort but its a million times better than going in topless "Its a shame I was wondering if it might finally make year 10 shut up if I walked in topless."
"Bahahaha, now that I would pay to see...seriously name your price" he chuckles
"Huh, if you’re getting payed the same as me, then theres no way you could afford my prices."
We stand chatting for a bit before I return to year 9 to finish off the lesson.
After spending the lesson with year 10s trying to get me to lean over so that they could see down the loose top the school day finished. I sat at my desk marking some books and looking at a lesson plan that I had to change due to the curriculum upheavals recently.
Alex walked in "Well I'm here to claim my jumper, come on get it off" he's laughing before he even finishes the sentence unable to keep up the serious pretense, however I decide to call his bluff and pull the jumper over my head and throw it at him. I'm rewarded by the shocked expression on his face as I chuckle as I try to pretend to just go back to my marking. However he then calls my bluff by turning round to leave with the jumper.
"Damn it, ok you win, give it back!" I yell
"Humm well that's a very rude way to talk to the guy holding the jumper." He chuckles his eyes flicking down to my chest. I can't help liking the subtle glances even as he tries to be a gentleman and not look. I stand up to face him giving him an even better view.
"How about I close my eyes for 10 seconds so I can't see if you're looking or not then you give me back the jumper, sound less rude"
"Close your eyes all you want, I'm far too much of a gentleman" he claims but as I close my eyes I can practically feels his eyes boring into me hungrily running over every bare inch of flesh.
I open my eyes early and he doesn't even notice. "Gentleman my arse!" I chuckle
"Well I'll stare at that too if its on offer." he said unapologetically

I take a step closer "Just how much do you want to be on offer?"
"Then I can have the jumper?" I joke
he smiles, "You can have the shirt as well for all I care"
I wanted to come back with something else but I found I was slightly too busy leaning in to kiss him. Our lips mashed together and his tongue darted out tasting my lips. I push him back against a wall unbuttoning his shirt as I go. His hands are on my hips sliding into the waistband of my skirt his fingers grazing the dimples in my lower back just above where my round toned butt cheeks started. He lifted me with ease and I wrapped my legs round his waist as he lifted me onto one of the benches. I pull off his open shirt and run my hands over the toned runners body beneath. He thrust his crotch forward pressing against mine making me moan in anticipation. His hands slid up under my skirt and in a smooth movement pulled my panties down stepping backwards so he could take them off completely and leaving them on the floor. I was ready for his crotch to return but instead he knelt down.
I could feel his breath on my inner thigh, his hands gently traveling up my inner thigh towards my lips, closer and closer but then whisked away at the last second to start traveling up the other thigh, closer and closer but once again stopping at the last second this time just running a finger over the skin between the lips and the top of the thigh. I groan in anticipation, the teasing driving me wild. A finger brushed very lightly over the outer lips. Then finally going through the opening, eliciting a moan of pleasure from me as his fingers gently massaged inside the lips. I especially liked when he focused on the opening to the vagina and I showed my appreciation with another series of moans. Then he slipped a finger inside making me shiver in pleasure as he slid in slowly my soft warm walls pressing tightly against his finger. He crooked his finger rubbing and massaging my insides. I didn't think I could be enjoying it much more but when I felt his breath a little closer to my crotch I tensed in anticipation. I was not disappointed as his fingers worked inside me his tongue went to work on my clit. It was all I could do to keep my noises to a low level that would not be heard in the rest of the school. He slowly built up the intensity bringing me closer and closer to the brink. I bit my lip to keep from screaming as I got closer and closer. My breathing became labored and my muscles tensed. Then the dam broke and the pleasure flooded through me in waves of shuddering orgasmic bliss. I fell backwards unable to support myself, catching my back on one of the gas taps that line science labs.
I come back up gasping for air and see him between my legs smiling up at me. He rose up slowly, unbuttoning his trousers and letting them fall, along with his tight briefs, to the floor. He stood there between my legs fully erect and beautiful, his eyes full of lust as he took in my lithe body before him. He stepped forward as I sat up. I place my hands on his firm buttock and pull him in gently, getting the positioning just right so that he slides in comfortably into my well lubricated hole. My walls still grip him tightly but the recent orgasm has left them slick with my juices which now mingle with the precum dripping from his shaft. He starts to thrust slowly at first which I'm thankful for due to the sensitivity from the orgasm but as my pleasure starts to build again he speeds up. His crotch repeatedly rubbing against my clit and the shaft pumping deep into me quickly taking me back to the peak giving me an even stronger orgasm that makes my leg twitch. But this time his strong arms wrap around my back to stop my fall. This time he doesn't stop or slow down he just keeps going building from my second orgasm quickly to my third. I was so preoccupied with the third orgasm exploding inside me that I only knew that he was cumming when I felt it bust into me filling my pussy with his juices, which felt so good, drawing out that last orgasm just that delicious bit longer.
He finishes and stands panting over me grinning as he slides out of my pussy releasing a flow of juices onto the bench.
He grabs some paper towels to clean up as I jump off the bench and pull the jumper on and hand him his shirt "I decided I didn't need to keep it" I joke. He pulls up his trousers and briefs and we straighten up before we walk out together separating at the entrance to the school with a plan to meet for dinner the next day.
The next morning I arrive in school late having overslept, I had spent a lot of the night replaying the events of the evening. I arrive at the door to the classroom to find the class lined up waiting for me. I unlock the door and greet them as I let them in. As I plug in my laptop I hear a commotion at the other side of the classroom
"Why are they here miss?"
"Whose are they miss?"
I see them crowding round my panties that we had discarded on the floor in a rush last night.....................