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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, OK my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. I'm a 21 and I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(I would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The power of the godesses

The heat was oppressive. The air hung heavily around me yet the street bustles with life, vibrancy and
colour. The people swirled around me like water as I stood to take in the scene. India was a colourful place normally but during the festival the people had paints and coloured powder which were put on everyone’s face. My face had been painted on by a group of young girls who I had never met but seemed to delight in covering my fair skin with an impossible array of colours. I wandered through the packed streets taking in the smells of the richly spiced food the sound of thousands of people celebrating. As I walked into a square there was a mass of yelling and suddenly paint was flying everywhere huge clouds of the power burst up engulfing people. There were screams of shock and delight. As people looked up to see a group of children on the room hurling down the bogs of paint. I ducked out of the way down a side street to avoid the onslaught of paint. The air was even more still and stifling in the alleyway. I stated to walk along it looking at the walls that were covering in cloths and drapes, then one of them moved revealing a door way. A gorgeous woman stepped out, she was dressed in a sari and bangles with her skin delicately decorated with henna. She was tall and her hips flared out from a thin waist, I didn't really notice any of this at the time though. I only noticed her eyes. They were deep and dark like wells that drew me in deeper and deeper. "Come" she invited. My legs moved without me consciously deciding to move them. I entered through the doorway.

"Sit Katie" the woman demanded I sat down totally unaware of my surroundings, I was still locked onto her eyes unable to look away unable to focus on anything else. "This is the festival of Holi, The festival of love. Yet I see in you a blockage. I see that you are closed off. I give you this, it will help you experience that which you have never had. This is the talisman of Rati and Parvathi. Use it well and take heed of its advice."
"Its advice?" I asked, finally coming to my senses, but I realized I was alone, in an entirely empty room sitting cross legged on the floor. I thought I must have been hallucinating, something in the paint maybe. Then I looked down and encircled by my legs was a small statuette.

The statuette was mad of white clay and was in the shape of a woman with pronounced breasts and hips, and her arms stretching above her head to form circle. The most striking thing about the totem was the design on it. One side was decorated with a swirl in the area of her womb and hips, the other side was decorated with a tree with the roots at her feet and the branches reaching the hips. It was just the right size to fit in my hand and it seemed to nestle there comfortably. As I studied it I couldn't shake off the feeling that it was studying me at the same time. I shook my head to try and clear the fog of confusion and stood up pocketing the statuette as I did so.

I left the room, pushing through the drapes covering the door and out into the muted daylight of the ally. I started to walk back to my hotel Pondering over what the woman had said about there being a blockage inside me, I thought I knew what she was talking about. I was 22 and still a virgin. This wasn't because I was unattractive, I was actually quite proud of my body, 5' 6'' with a slim waist and curvy hips. My stomach was toned and flat due to a healthy diet and moderate exercise. My breast were a nice size and perky, just the right size for my body without giving me back pain. I was also happy with my face, long straight brown hair and green eyes with a delicate nose, straight white teeth (a result of braces and a fairly obsessive dental hygiene regime) and well defined cheek bones. However I had never so much as made out with a guy, it wasn't that I was a lesbian or hated men, I just never met someone and thought about having sex with them. I didn't pick up on guys signals unless they were overtly obvious, meaning that the only guys I knew were interested in me were generally loudmouth jackasses. I also didn't feel the need to pursue a guy I had other things to do, at school I had enough to do with work and my friends, at University I had a number of responsibilities in clubs and societies, as diverse as the financial secretary of the kickboxing club to event’s organizer of the university Cystic Fibrosis charity. I was now working as a journalist for New Scientist focusing on Genetics and agricultural news. It hadn't been a conscious decision to not date and now I was thinking about it I thought I would like to get married, settle down, have kid etc. but how to find the right guy, I had no interest in dating random people until I met "the one" I suppose deep down I had a few trust issues linking back to my parents but I quickly shut off that line of thought, too painful. I started wondering how I could start to find the right guy, a bit of clay shaped like a woman was not going to help that.

As I walked I started looking at the men around me, unconsciously fiddling with the statuette in my pocket the same time. Around me there were crowds of people of all different shapes and sizes, and due to the paint literally all colours.  I started looking at the guys, and even some of the girls, in ways I never had before, looking at them to see if I found them attractive, trying to learn what features I liked. Sometimes it wasn't how they looked but something about the way they moved which caught my eye, this was especially true for when girls dancing in a hypnotic swaying way caught my eye. I learnt without much surprise that I liked the look of the men with defined jaw lines and broad muscular shoulders. However what I did find surprising was that while I liked those features I often wasn’t attracted to the men they were attached to mainly because of the faces, which while not ugly had to "frat boy" look about them which was quite a turn off.

I noticed a young guy behind one of the stalls, he was Indian, with a dark complexion and a shapely body, as I noticed him, checking him out, the statuette started to get warmer, puzzled I decided to investigate more. I went up to the guy "Hey. How much for this?" I ask fingering a thin blanket. Almost without realizing it I had flashed him a big smile, and tipped my head slightly to one side.

"For you, 800 rupee" he said his eyes flicking over my body. As I noticed this the statuette warmed up again.

"Hum" I pretend to consider the price. Without realizing what I'm doing I bite my bottom lip and push out my chest "that's a bit much" I say with a charm I have never had before

"650 rupee" he replies his eyes continually flicking over my body

I don't reply I only duck my head slightly and look at him, my arms pressing together to accentuate my breast and my legs slightly crossed.

"500 rupee just for you"

I can feel my body about to move, to get him to drop the price further but I finally come out of the warm heady daze I was in. I was disgusted with myself, I hated it when women used their body to get things and I definitely didn't want to do it myself. I paid him the money and took the unwanted blanket. I couldn't help flashing him a sultry smile as I left, I could see the longing in his eyes and I could feel his eyes following me down the street until I was lost in the crowds. It was only as I got out of site that I realized that the statuette had been heating up throughout the exchange and only now was it starting to cool. It had clearly had some effect on me, I had never been one to naturally flirt like that to get my way. I wondered what else the statuette would do.

I reached my hotel room without further incident, noticing as I did so that every time I saw a guy I liked the look of the statuette gave off a pulse of heat. I only noticed after I got back to the hotel room the effect that the pulses of heat had been having on me. I realized as I shut the door that I was astonishingly horny. Until now I had been too preoccupied to realize the building of pressure inside me, I realized I was more aware of my body than I had ever been. I was aware of my heaving breasts, I was aware of my t shirt brushing against my stomach, I was aware that my panties were soaking wet.

As the door shut behind me I pulled my t-shirt over my head, even the cloth brushing against my body exited me. I unzipped and pulled down my tight jeans, stepping out of them towards the bed. I stopped turned and took the statuette from my pocket, and then lay down on the bed. I started to run my hands over my body, gently brushing over my smooth skin. Every touch and every moment sent shivers down my spine. I held the statuette in my left hand, my thumb absentmindedly caressing the swirly side. I could feel the swirling of pent up lust in my abdomen, swirling and pulsing, demanding release. My hand moved towards my crotch but then a voice, low and sultry, spoke to me. The sound seemed to resonate inside my head, the voice was coming from within me. "Not yet, young one" The voice commanded "first you must explore more of your body". I was too horny to question the voice, too horny to wonder who it was or where it came from, I just obeyed. With practiced ease I unclasped my bra and threw it aside I started rubbing and massaging my breast, every time my finger brushed over my nipple it made me shudder with pleasure.

 I threw back my head, I had needed this, I had needed this sooo bad and I hadn't even realized it. "Massage the rest of your body" the voice commanded, I obeyed. First I rubbed and caressed my neck as I crossed my legs and squirmed rubbing against myself my breaths coming in long low pants. My hand slid over my flat stomach making me let out a little gasp. Caressing my hip as I slowly opened my legs, bending my knees and moving my hand inwards towards the warm wet centre between my legs had me breathing heavily, each shuddering breath causing my breasts to heave up and down. I let out a small moan as my hand travelled down the inside of my thigh and I was surprised to find how sensitive the backs of my knees were and how sublime it felt to gently stroke them in small delicate circles.

As my hand travelled back up my thigh, towards the core of the maddening, aching need, I ground my head back into the soft pillows letting out small whimpers. "You may touch around it" the voice echoed. I gladly obeyed bringing my hand closer to my core, I could feel the heat radiating off it and the moisture had spread all over. I gently touched the skin between the legs and the outer lips brushing it gently as every contact sent pulses of pleasure through me.

I couldn't wait any longer I needed to touch my pussy, to rub my clit, to satiate the maddening swirling need inside me. "Now" the word throbbed through me. With an excited stutter of breath I finally moved my hand between my lips gently fondling my clit, I couldn't stay gentle for long, I started speeding up bearing down on the swollen clit and rubbing in rapid small circles. Occasionally I slid my hand down, sliding it inside myself, touching and rubbing the moist sensitive walls of my pussy.  I started grinding and moving my hips pushing back onto my hand, involuntarily humping my hand.

My breath was coming in short sharp bursts. I was gasping for air as the swirling grew more and more intense. I started to fantasize about the men I had seen today, picturing each one in turn on-top of me thrusting deep into me. I could almost feel their chests pressing against me, their hips ramming into me. Finally I started to imagine them cumming inside me. This pushed me over the edge, the thought of the hot sticky cum pulsing into me sent my body into convulsions everything tensed. The swirling need inside me suddenly shot through every fiber of my being pulsing and throbbing. It was like nothing I had ever felt, so intense, so complete. It was still building, getting ready to explode and then finally it was like my whole body was electrocuted. My gasp of pleasure was pushed out loudly and my pussy contracted and suddenly exploded, shooting juices everywhere. Soaking over the bed sheets and onto the floor. Some even made it to the small coffee table on the other side of the room. The shuddering waves of pleasure kept shooting through me for a long time afterwards, like little aftershocks after an earthquake, each time making me moan and shudder with pleasure.

It was almost half an hour before I could get up off the bed, still weak and exhausted from my exertions. despite my weary state and without bothering to dress, I started packing, I was leaving in the morning, I wondered what surprises the statuettes would have for me when I got home, little was I to know that I would have a surprise on the journey. 

To be continued....