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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, ok my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. Im a 19 yrs old I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. Im up for msning I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(i would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Riverside Fun

So this story is from a fan called Nick I hope you enjoy
John and Jo (J+J) were brother and sister slightly older than me but we all went to the same high school. They had a very tactile relationship which I always felt was a little strange. The way they used to touch one another was more than brother and sister should be touching one another, in my eyes anyway. It played on my mind on just how close they actually were.

Jo was a cute 17 year old, long legs cute ass and breasts that seemed to defy gravity as I don’t think I ever saw her wearing a bra. Her flame red hair was a contrast to her tanned china doll skin, the only blemish was a few light freckles round her nose. John was tall and wiry but unlike his sister he was dark haired he was a bit of a computer geek as his sister kept telling him. I on the other hand was more or less the opposite from John, a bit shorter and thick set with fair hair I spent a lot of my time playing sport so I guess I was pretty fit, not a six pack fit but getting there.

I guess the reason we used to spend so much time together was the proximity of our houses to one another, just a few hundred yards apart and our parents were members of the same societies and groups so we all tended to go to one another’s house a lot.

When I first met J+J Jo seemed to resent my being there its as though she didn’t want to share her time alone with her brother, I think John must have had a word as she seemed to warm to me after a while.

One day I was round at there house and John was immersed in a game on his PC and not really engaging in any real conversation so I went to get myself a drink. As I closed the fridge door Jo appeared in the doorway rubbing her eyes as she had only just risen from bed. We exchanged pleasantries and as I sat down at the table I could not help but look at her! The way her hair flowed down onto her shoulders and down her back it was beautiful. Her full breasts seemed to cling to the material of her night shirt her nipples although not erect were visible through the thin material; her legs long and slender seemed to go on forever. She asked me what John and I had planned for the day, I replied with “not much” as John was too engrossed in his new game. Well she said how about you come and walk the dogs with me then. With that she opened the conservatory door and two black Labradors came bounding to say their hellos. “Wait here while I shower and get dressed I will be about ten minutes make up some drinks to take will you.” I sat there fussing over the dogs for a while then she walked back into the kitchen. My jaw nearly hit the ground. The nightdress had been swapped for a short summer dress that barely contained her tits, the top few buttons were undone which accentuated a cleavage that Olympic skiers would pay good money to go down! It was just above mid thigh and when she stood in the light the sunshine made it more or less see through. She shouted up to John that we were going to take the dogs out and we would see him later.

We set off one dog each, down the lane towards the fields beyond the village. She took the lead and I followed on behind as the path was a bit narrow. I was trying to figure out if she was wearing any underwear or not as I could not see any lines at all. We chatted about various things on our walk to pass the time and soon we had reached the fields. Once there we let the dogs off and let them run free while we made our way towards the river that ran along the bottom of the fields. We talked about the rubbish on TV at the moment, sports and just general teenage chat. When we reached the river we sat on the bank and sat down next to one another.

Things then turned a corner conversation wise. Jo asked me if I had a girlfriend as I spent so much time playing sport how could I fit seeing a girl in too! Well to be honest I had only really been with two girls, both girls from the village and who went to our school Lisa Martland was one and before I answered Jo blurted out “you have been with Lisa?” I nodded and smiled, who was the other she asked shifting her position and allowing her breasts to nearly spill out her top, well I answered with a slight hesitation, it was my cousin from out of town. We sort of hit it off last time she came to stay. “Hit it off, you dirty sod” was the reply. I then went into the details about it and I could see by the reaction of her nipples that something was either turning her on or she had got cold all of a sudden. As I was explaining what I and my cousin had got up to over her visit she became very very interested and just kept asking things like did you suck her tits, how big are they and the like?

“Well, not as big as yours Jo not half as big!”

“Do you like my tits then?” Fucking right I do Jo and with this she proceeded to undo a couple more buttons of her dress, with all the talk of sex and being sat next to sexy girl like Jo my cock had risen to the occasion and was straining to get out of my shorts, something I was trying to do my best to cover up. As her dress fell open she looked intensely into my eyes as if to say, come and get them if you want them. I moved closer and don’t ask me what the fuck happened next but John suddenly appeared beside us. Fuck Fuck Fuck was the only thing I could think.

“And what the fuck is going on here you two” Was johns opening line, Jo was unflustered by his sudden arrival and leaned back on her elbows exposing more of her tantalising breasts to us! Me on the other hand was trying my best to cover up my hard on. With this john knelt down next to Jo and slid his hand inside Jo’s dress softly massaging her breasts Jo never stopped looking at me while her brother had his hand down her dress, John then undid the rest of the buttons of her dress and exposed her breasts as he peeled it back. Her nipples had become erect to his touch and were so long I wanted to suck on them so badly. But John had beaten me to it he took on in his mouth and played with the other rolling his palms over it Jo gasping at his touch. He raised his head and they kissed deeply, as they were kissing I moved over to her and took her breasts in my hand as she was kissing her brother. She was in between us being kissed by one and having her massive tits played with by me! She broke away from john to pull me towards her and kissed me deeply her tongue and mine entwined in a deep slow passionate kiss, I felt her hand reach down and rub me hard cock through my shorts and as I glanced down she was doing the same to John.

John had resumed sucking on one of her nipples so and not wanting to loose out I bent down and took the other in my mouth. She was now trying with difficulty to release two hard cocks from two pairs of shorts in the end we stopped what we were doing and took them out for her, she smouldered at the sight of two hard pricks,( Now far from being attracted to other males I did find john had one thing going for him! His cock was immense, about 10 inches long and thick with it, it put my 7.5 inches to shame, and girls yes that half and inch is important).

one either side, she reached out and took one in each hand, scooping up the pre cum that has been released from our cocks and tasting its sweet saltiness from her fingers. She turned to Johns massive member and tentatively flicked her tongue over the end causing John to sigh loudly, I took this opportunity to raise her dress exposing her smooth pussy it seemed to glisten with her wetness, I gently rubbed up and down her wet slit releasing an almost guttural moan from Jo, I bend down in between her legs and explored the delicate folds of her labia tasting her sweet juice as it literally dripped from her pussy.

Hey, leave some for me john said not wanting to miss out on his sisters dripping hole and he manoeuvred to my now vacant position between Jo’s legs, I in turn moved up to Jo’s head so that she could take my hard prick into my mouth, she licked all round my uncut head then took my whole length into her willing mouth fuck the feeling of having a beautiful girl suck on your cock while her brother is licking her cunt is one that cannot be described to say it was the most truly erotic thing I had ever experienced is an understatement. John had now positioned himself so he could enter his sister with his monster cock, she tensed up as he entered her then as he slid his full length inside her she moaned, gasping for air, she took my cock from her mouth and told John to fuck her, “fuck me like you mean it my darling brother”. With that John’s thrusts became deeper and longer filling her up till she could take no more and with a shiver and a scream the had her first orgasm, her come gushing out all over Johns’ cock, balls and soaking the grass below. “ Turn over Jo” was Johns next instruction to his sister, She got on all fours and John resumed fucking his sister form behind as she took me in he mouth once more, it was though they were synchronised as john thrust into her she would go down on my cock as I knelt before her. “Nick, fuck me now”, and not one to deny any female, we swapped places, I inserted a finger deep inside her my palms were down so I could massage her G spot with this she went crazy bucking and screaming and squirting all over my hand, while she was in the last moments I rammed my cock into her in one swift action, I felt her cunt tighten round my cock and it was like I was being milked for my cum, such was her muscle control. I was near to busting as John announced that he was about to cum “On my face and tits Jo demanded “Who were we to say no? She lay on her back one of us either side wanking our pricks soaked with her saliva and cunt juices I could hold back no longer I erupted all over her face and tits as she had requested, It spurted over her jet after jet of hot sticky come, and as if it was a signal John did the same. Jo lay there her face and come covered in a joint amount of come, she took her finger and rubbed it though the rivulets of come that had formed on her body and licked it up! Now boys your turn, and john dipped down and lapped up some of our come from her breasts savouring in its taste, I took her nipple in my mouth and licked around it as I tasted a mans come for the first time it was not an unpleasant taste, in fact it was a bit of a turn on. We then took turns licking her clean until all our combined effort was removed from her sweaty body. She had a look of total satisfaction as she stood up, removing the rest of her clothes she walked away from us and into the river cleansing her body from head to toe, we joined her in the river touching and caressing one another, and I swear I felt Johns hand rubbing my cock. As we swam her and john told me of there erotic adventures together………………… But then that’s a whole other story.