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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, ok my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. Im a 19 yrs old I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. Im up for msning I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(i would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Succubus Tales part 3

This story follow on from The Succubus part 2

I lay on Toms bed recovering from my time with Lilith. Tom came in and cuddled up to me on the bed. "hey babe" I said breathing in his scent, I think I was really falling for him.
"hey, can we just cuddle tonight, I don't want our relationship to just be about sex, and I need to be up early tomorrow back to school. half term is over"
"is it a new school?" I ask as he had only just moved into my house, it was odd that I still viewed it as my house but I did.
"Nah we didn't move too far my school is about as far from here as it was from my old house"
"Ahh well that's cool, hey do you mind if I come with you?"
"Humm yeah that could be fun, you have to stay invisible though it might be hard to explain who you are to people, its not like you'd just blend into the crowds, you'd have every guy in the place staring at you and most of the girls too"
"Hehe this could be fun" I giggles I snuggle up next to him on the bed
 As I lay there in his arms I felt safe and calm I didn't want to move a muscle from this unbelievably comfortable position in his arms. I was really falling for him. I didn't sleep I just lay in his arms feeling his breath on my neck all night.

In the morning I nudged him awake "hey babe I have to go before your mum wakes you for school, love you" I gave him a kiss on the cheek as looked back at me blearily as I faded out of sight.

Aa few minuets later he was woken up for school  I watched as he got dressed and followed him downstairs and out the door. I floated next to him all the way to the car and climbed in on top of him making very sure he could feel my invisible ass on his lap. I tapped into his mind sending him seductive whispers throughout the car journey, sexy as this sounds it was also delightfully evil as his mum and sister were both in the car. When we finally exited the car he whispered "come on you cant do that all day people will notice if I have a constant boner"
"well master, let me help you" I rub my hand over his cock and it deflated however none of his homeyness went away
"Errm well that's something I suppose" he replied unsure
"you know I can influence other people as well, make them want you"
"you can? well I don't need anyone other than you"
"that doesn't mean you don't want anyone other than me and you can have them"
"you wouldn't mind?"
"what are you not getting about sex demon here to grant your every sexual wish and desire"
"Ohh yeah that thing"
"oh yeah that thing" I mimic, "just that thing that allows me to fuck you senseless, huh some people"
"oh you know what I mean, now hush I need to go to form" he shushed my grumbling

He walked into form and started chatting to his friends, a mix of 4 guys and 3 girls. I stand behind him breathing gently on is neck. I kept noticing Toms eyes flicking to one particular girl in the group. I floated over to inspect her, she was under 5' with long silky back hair, curvy hips and breast that perfectly suited her small stature not ridiculously big but very shapely, giving her body a pleasing curve. her face was delicate and a cute slightly turned up nose. I decided she would be perfect for him, a decision that was reinforced when I delved into her mind and found that she was keen on him too.
 at that point the teacher came into the room and all the students went to sit down with some slight mental prodding from me the girl ended up sitting next to Tom.
"Ryan please sit down" the teacher asked a boy who was still standing at the back of the class. he hurried to his seat and sat down.

As the teacher started taking the register I started to get inside the girls head. By the end of the register I had found that she was called Emma and had liked Tom for a while and was happy that they had ended up sitting together chatting quietly as the register was taken. I also found out that despite liking Tom she was far to shy to make a move. At this point I could have had Tom make a move but what was the use of being a succubus if you couldn't have a little fun. As they walked with the rest of the group to their next lesson, History I made my plan.
In History the teacher put on a video about finding the location of the battle of Bannockburn, a major battle between England and Scotland.
Tom and Emma sat next to each other at the back again, this time with very little prodding from me. With the lights of and everyone's attention on the screen I got inside Emma's head and started making her just a little horny. She started joking quietly with Tom about the video and every time he made a joke I gave her a little extra flare of amusement and a little bit more lust. It was nearing the end of the lesson when I accidentally went a bit too far making Emma cry out with a muffled laugh that the teacher did not appreciate and told Tom and Emma to stay behind at break. The lesson was double length so by the time two hours were nearly up Emma was a bit hot under the collar. And after the teacher had spent 5 minutes telling them not to be so silly they left the classroom alone. As they stepped out into the empty corridor Emma slipped her hand into Toms who after looking mildly surprised gave her hand a squeeze and they continued down the corridor.

I had intended to leave it as that but something flared inside of me. An insatiable lust like that I had felt with Lilith, it may even have been her influence. What ever the cause I decided not to leave it there, instead I followed them increasing the sexual tension between them, infusing them with the lust that filled me. They stopped holding hands and had their arms round each other. Toms hand slid down to brush her ass and her hand followed his lead, slipping into his back pocket. Tom turned to face her putting his other hand on her arm, and as their eyes met he lent in for a kiss. She received him welcomingly, pulling him back, pressing her against the wall. Their breathing quickened as his hand slid up her thigh, under the pleated dress. She let out small gasp as he touched her wetness.
They stumbled backwards into a darkened classroom. Their movements were frantic, unable to wait to get at each other and knowing time was short. They were unbuttoning each others shirts he reviled her lacy white bra under the shirt which he promptly removed to unveil her supple breasts. He slipped a hand under her dress to resume what he had started in the corridor, sliding his fingers into her wetness. She unbuttoned then unzipped his trousers pulling them down along with his underwear, allowing his cock to spring out. Seeing it made me even more horny which seemed to feed into the other two. In seconds her panties were laying on the floor and she was sat on a desk with Tom holding her legs apart as he moved in.
She was very wet so he slid inside her moist hole easily. She wrapped her hands round his neck as he placed his on her hips and started thrusting. They were both very aroused so they both built up quickly. I slipped inside Emma's head to feel what she felt, to feel Tom's cock thudding into her to feel his hands on my hips pulling me onto him and to feel the orgasm explode through her slight frame making her shiver with pleasure and to feel his warm sperm flood into me as he grunted quietly into my ear.

I started feeling bad for manipulating them so much so I decided to give them a little reward for being my playthings and made their first orgasm build into a second and a third, Emma's slight frame shuddering as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.
I left them there sensing that they would want to be alone after that. I went back home and waited for Tom to return home.