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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, ok my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. Im a 19 yrs old I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. Im up for msning I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(i would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Marrying the king

Edited one coming soon hopefully but for those who want to read it now here you go
The wedding
I stood there, in a white veiled dress, my heart seemed to be vibrating in my chest. I stood 5' 5'' with long straight brown hair that I was wearing down for the occasion. my delicate features were made up with fine make up, better than i was used to, it was imported from far off lands and the thin layers apllied to my face probably cost more than many of the peoples homes did. I was old to be getting married, nearly 16 but my hips were wide and my breasts large and I had 'flowered', they though I was likely to be able to bear children.
I was unhappy, my father had only been a relatively minor lord and I it had seemed likely that I would be allowed to marry who I wanted, a young squire, soon to be knight, who had lived in the halls of my father. But disaster had struck the kingdom, a plague of epic proportions it had wiped out much of the capital and the King and his heirs had died as had many of the people in the royal palace when a cook had fallen ill but had been unable to afford not working. the line of succession became unsure but it was decided that the succession should pass to the kings nephew, a young man who had been well liked by the people in his lands but had never expected to have the crown he had no heirs himself and it was unsure what would happen if he died. the thoughts were that two powerful lords, Harra and Kaar would drag the kingdom into a civil war. they had both already argued fiercely that they would be better candidates for the crown but had been rejected in favor of the blood line.

This is why I had been offered up, my father seeing the chance to increase his standing had suggested that I and the new king marry, many of the other girls from more noble and prestigious houses had either died in the plague, were to young or already married although one had just become available, her husband suddenly meeting misfortune. The new king however had chosen me. we had never met, I had never even seen him as i had grown up in an outlying province and never been taken to the capital or the major home counties ruled over my the member of the royal family.

I stood in the bridal procession behind the door waiting to walk down the aisle to promise myself to the ruler of our country, a position many would, and at least one had, kill for, my brown eyes started to fill with water, a tear about to run down my face.  a hand shot out and dabbed at my eyes, can't have me ruin my make up. I pulled myself together just as the door swung open and I laid eyes on my future husband.

He stood at the end of the aisle looking every inch the king. As the procession dew closer I could pick up more details about him, he was well built with broad shoulders but his face was young, kind but innocent not like the faces of many of lords arranged in the rows towards the front of the church, there was the rough face of Harra showing his warriors past and the thin cruel face of Kaar, the round face of the Lord of Highwater his beady lecherous eyes boring into me as I walked past, there was Lord Kinner a friend of my father who smiled at me as I walked by, and then I was passing the front row I saw my father a look of smugness was on his face, I had never seen the grasping power hungry side to him before but it seemed as soon as he got the chance to rise up the ranks he did it without hesitation.

The wedding passed in a blur. I said my lines, I played my part but I could never meet his eyes, instead i set my eyes on his chin, his jaws line was firm but smooth, I couldn't see any stubble at all. i studied every millimeter of his chin focusing on it, trying to hold back the tears. Then it was over, I was married and I was pulled back down the aisle, before I knew it I was sat in the great hall.

The feast was really quite wonderful and I found myself starting to enjoy myself, the music filled the hall and the wine flowed in copious amounts, the atmosphere was electric it had been so long since people had had a chance to celebrate, this wedding was a sign that things were starting to return to normal and the kingdom may be stable once more without the threat of civil war, I was just starting to relax when I realized that one reason the the kingdom was expected to become more stable was that the king was expected have an heir soon, many would even be expecting that I conceive tonight. the thought filled me with terror, I didn't know what I was supposed to do, what could I possible do that would please a King, what if i didn't conceive, there was no way out of this marriage, not alive, if i was unable to conceive soon then I was just in the way. I could feel the bile rise in my throat but I held it down, I couldn't throw up, not here, not now my breathing quickened, i was starting to panic. I felt a hand on my arm "Just keep calm" I turned to see the kindly face of my new husband King Edward. I finally met his eyes properly I saw kindness and compassion in those eyes. I slowly started to breath and relax. I actually started to talk to him then I found that we actually got along quite well, it turns out that he was just a nervous about the marriage as I was. it felt like we were just starting to get to know each other when we were bundled off to the bedroom, the feast was going to continue but some one had made the decision that the King must go and conceive the all important heir.

The bedroom

we were pushed into the room by a group of ruddy faced nobles and squires and stood there as the door shut listening to the cat calls from outside.he looked at me briefly then averted his eyes, he was nervous I realized. "so, i don't really know what to do now" i said with a hint of a smile.
he laughed "yeah I just feel awkward" we walked over to the bed and sat down next to each other he opened his mouth to say something but paused.
"go on, we're married now, what can't you tell me"
"well that's just it, we're married heart belongs to another, and I feel that you should know this before...well you know"
I felt a huge weight lift at his words, I disclosed my own feelings about Jamie my young squire. "but we still have to..."
"yeah, we can even enjoy it but....well I have idea" he looked nervous at suggesting it. he paused, gathering himself "well what if we both... agree to be unfaithful..." he paused again "we could have them both here, Amber can be your hand maiden and Jamie can be....your bodygaurd, we can say that you are nervous in the big city and feel more comfortable with someone you know and trust at your side, you said he was to be made a knight soon well we can get him here and serve under Sir Reynard head of the kings guard." I sat their with a huge grin plastered over my face at the suggestion, I felt I could live my new husband.
"yes yes yes yes yes" i giggled like a child "I threw my arms around him"
"but you must promise not to have a child by him, and not to sleep with him at all until you have born my first heir"
"well then my lord, lets get me pregnant" I said pulling his robe over his head. he grinned and started to nimbly undo the lace at the back of my dress. I ran my hand up his thigh as he did this, I wanted to please him, I wanted to keep him happy, if he was happy then I could be sure this arrangement could happen. I slowly slid my hand up to his crotch but just before i reached it he finished the laces on my dress and i stood up pulling my hand away and pulling the dress down. I slipped out of my under garments and took a lithe step closer to him before kneeling and pulling his undergarments off. I knelt between his legs, I could see he was undeniably excited and to tell the truth I was quite excited myself, I didn't know what I was doing but I thought that rubbing his shaft would be a good start, I had talked with my maidservant back home who had said men were easy as long as you payed a lot of attention to the cock and did everything you could to stimulate it. so I wrapped my small delicate hand around the base of the shaft and started rubbing it, he seemed to like that. he started running his hands through my silky brown hair.
 I could see a bead of liquid leak out of the tip of his member and was struck by the sudden urge to taste it. i lent forward and flicked my tongue out to lap it up he let out a little groan, apparently he had liked that, so I did it again just flicking the tip with my tongue. i kept pumping the shaft gently as i did this, to make it easier I took the tip into my mouth wrapping my lips around the base of the tip and the started flicking. The moment I locked my lips round him he shuddered and let out a gasp. i stopped flicking and started probing with my tongue pressing and rubbing round the tip and gently flicking around the little slit. his hands tensed around the back of my head interlacing with my hair and he grunted.
then all of a sudden he pulled my off a wild look in his eyes I looked up scared I had done something wrong. he saw my expression and his softened "no no no I was just getting close to exploding but I couldn't, I need to get you pregnant." I smiled at his words, glad I hadn't made a mistake. he reached out and lifted me up onto the bed pulling my down so that I was lying next to him. I was expecting him to just get in and finally release but instead his hand slid down my body finding its way to my crotch and sliding along the moist slit making me shiver. he quickly learned the specific spot that made me moan the most "I heard that if the woman orgasms as well it increases the chance of conceiving, I'm not sure I believe but it only seems fair after what you just did" he explains. I nod in response smiling at him unable to catch my breath enough to reply properly. his fingers which had proved their nimbleness on my dress again proved themselves very adept while rubbing my clit then unexpectedly his hand slid down and two fingers slid inside me, I hadn't felt this before, there was pain and I gasped, he stopped and paused "I hear that pain is normal for your first time, we will wait a second, it will go soon" as we waited his spare hand traveled over my body, pausing on my breasts. kneading and rubbing the mounds and gently rubbing the nipples.
 after a minute I reached down to his hand and started it moving again, now rather than pain it felt wonderful, still sensitive but he was gentle, curling his fingers slightly and rubbing and stroking the soft warm inside of my pussy. his palm was rubbing against my clit and I ground against it. I started to really grind and hump his hand I was just getting to exited my breath was coming in short rapid bursts, he kept going but just as I was about to explode he stopped I lay there panting, my body glistening with sweat.
i reached over and pulled him over "put a baby in me" i breathed pulling him on top of me, reaching down to help glide him in.
using the opportunity to rub his tip against my clit, it shouldn't have been better than his finger but it just seemed so much more sexy. As his cock slipped over the clit from the slippery combination of his juices and my own, really made us soaking down there. Finally I guided him into me, he slips into me.
we both gasp as i envelope him within my silken walls. he slides in smoothly but he has to push because I'm still quite tight. he slowly buries his whole shaft into me, when he finally buried up to the hilt. he just let it rest there for a while, neither of us needing to move. I can feel the pressure of his presence inside me, its new and exciting...very exiting.
he stated moving. I thought i had been enjoying it when he was just sat there but this was on a whole different level. he started slowly pressing in and out and grinding against me rubbing against my clit.
his firm chest brushes against my breast. I start to thrust back to meet him my hands on his hips. I start to moan in pleasure as he keeps thrusting. he picks up the paces slightly. resting his head down by my neck i can feel is panting breath on my shoulder.
soon i cant keep control, my breathing starts to become ragged panting my moans come out as breathless gasps. i can hear his groans right in my ear and i know that he his close. he speeds up even more and i let out a wild gasp of pleasure. suddenly the dam breaks the mounting pleasure bursts over me ripping through my body in wave after wave of tumultuous ecstasy. my back arches and i throw my head back into the thick pillows my hands grasping his hips tightly. I hear a strangled gasp from him and i feel an odd sensation in my wildly contracting pussy. he starts pumping into me. load after load shoots deep inside me each one punctuated by a little gasp from him.
as he collapses back on top me i whisper in his ear "I think I'm going to enjoy making a baby with you" i feel his cheeks smile and his cock twitch a little inside me.
"Yeah I think I'll enjoy it too"

One Month Later
I sat in the chair with Amber, the kings lover and my handmaiden, brushing my hair. "you must be excited m'lady, what with your bodyguard arriving within the week."
"I couldn't be more thrilled" i said with a broad smile
"I'm so glad that you agreed to Ed...I mean his highness' suggestion, I was giddy with excitement on my journey here, I had thought I had lost him for ever and and now you say you are happy for me to have him, I can't thank you enough m'lady"
"Well its not like I don't get anything out of the bargain, I get my dear sweet Jamie. I feel bad for him, he wanted to be  a knight in service to my father and ride to war, to fight in battles, instead I get to keep him here with me,. although to tell you the truth the thought of him going to war scared me, every time he talked of it i had to hold back tears, even though we haven't been to war in so many years. I thought that when the succession crises was in full swing that he would get pulled into the middle of the civil war that everyone feared. That's one reason why i didn't resist to much when my father offered me, I hoped I could help stop the war and keep Jamie safe."
"and I bet he'd never thank you for it" Amber said with a smile
"as if I'd be fool enough to tell him" I laughed back
we chatted for another half an hour as Amber brought my cloths and helped me pull them on then she started to say something, but stopped. "is something the matter Amber?" I asked
"well my lady its just that your so pretty, I can't help but be jealous that Edward is sleeping with you."
"Amber, you have nothing to worry about, I won't lie to you, we both enjoy the sex but its nothing more than trying to get pregnant, the sex means is nothing but a means to an end, the fact that its fun is just a bonus." I paused thinking what else I could say, then I was struck with an idea "Why don't you join us tonight? it's just fun I don't see why you shouldn't join us, I can't think why you haven't been in our bed since the day you got her, Edward is yours and I feel no need to keep him to myself"
"you'd be okay with that m'lady?" she asked incredulously

"I wouldn't have suggested it if I weren't, i just have to ask the you let me join in the fun, I know he is yours but Idont want to just be there to receive him seconds before he blows"
"of course m'lady I'm sure we can all have fun together, me and Edward can be intimate some other time but if this is just sex with no implications then I'm sure we can nice" she said with a grin "it would definitely make me a lot happier being there as well, as long as he doesn't just ignore me"
I laughed "with the amount of time he spends talking about you I don't think that's very likely"
She beamed with happiness at that
"lets not tell him, lets make it a surprise" she suggested
"ohh yessss that sounds fun, he normally comes to my chambers at the end of the council meetings, I'll be waiting in the bed for him........." we continued planning for quite a long time discussing what we were going to do to supprise him, and then to please him and then even went on to discussing pleasing each other, we nearly didn't wait for him to arrive before we started.

Later that night

I lay naked in the bed the covers draped over me covering everything but showing just enough to show that I was naked. there were enough covers and the bed was soft enough that when Amber slide her slight supple frame under the covers you could barely tell she was there at all. we thought that ti was likely that Edward would be distracted by me and not notice the slight bulge she made in the covers. as we lay there waiting for Edward to come in Amber started getting bored and started to rub my inner thigh. the feeling was new and exiting, Edward had often stroked my thigh but Amber was different she was gentle and delicate her thin finger gliding over my silky flesh as she traced up and down my leg. I started to warm up down there, I could swear she must be able to feel the heat radiating from my crotch as I started to get excited. this only intensified as she moved her hands closer and closer. I could feel her pressed against my leg I could feel her heart beat and I could feel her chest rise and swell as she took each breath. this moment of closeness with another woman, something i had never even considered before today, had really started to turn me on.
I let out a little moan as her fingers brushed over the lips of my pussy, barely making contact but sending shivers through me all the same. her fingers slid between the outer lips making me gasp. they slid easily in the moist nest between my legs. her fingers expertly finding my clitoris. I let out a small groan when I heard a motion outside "he's here" I hissed just before the door opened. her fingers didn't stop and it took a lot of concentration to focus as Edward came into the room. "come join me, I've been waiting for this all day" I purred
"at once my queen" he said stepping out of his clothes in an unbelievably short space of time. as he slipped under the covers Amber detached herself from me and started to slide up his legs. a puzzled look crossed over his face as he looked down. I lent forward kissed his cheek and started nibbling his ear lobe as Amber emerged from under to covers and started to kiss his neck. he started to talk but I put a silencing finger on his mouth as Amber's hand slid down to grasp his cock. he got the message he turned to kiss Amber, turning his back to me as he did so. the kiss was long and passionate. It ws hot as hell to watch but i did start feeling slightly left out. until Amber broke the kiss and pushed him down between us and lent over to me. we were kneeling over him. our hips bent forward and our backs curving upwards. our hands on each others hips and our lips entwined above him. her hands moved slowly up my sides caressing them and I followed suit. as our hands reached the others shoulders I pulled her down with me until we were bent over one of us on either side of his shaft, already dripping precum in copious amounts. i signaled fro her to do the honors and she flicked her tongue out lapping up the fluid from the tip. I joined her licking up the shaft while my hands went to his balls caressing them and massaging them. i slowly licked up the shaft meeting Amber at the top we started to kiss around the top of his shaft our tongues darting our and around his tip as our lips met each others. "ooooh god" I heard the groan but didn't realize the implication until a second later his shaft exploded into out mouths. the cum bursting into our moths and some running between our lips and dripping down his shaft. we waited for him to finish keeping our mouths locked round his shaft and eagerly taking all the cum the spewed forth until he seemed empty. I ran a finger up the base drawing out any last remaining drop. we then started to kiss properly away from his cock knowing that that would need a while to recover. we started swapping the cum between us first just by kissing then b letting it run off our tongues into the others mouth that waited bellow, there was a lot of cum and playing with it ws quite fun but then Amber pushed me down holding all the cum in her mouth. i knelt between my legs and started licking at my pussy coating it with the cum, her long agile tongue flicked into  my hole taking much of the cum with it. her fingers slid in after to push it in deeper while her nimble tongue slid out and started flicking my clit. The whole situation was just too much for me to handle and it didn't take long of her cum soaked fingers sliding into me and her wonderfully aglie tongue on my clit before i shuddered, convulsed by wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. my back arched lifting off the bed as my muscles involuntarily contracted. my leg twitched and my hands clenched as the waved rolled over me. I lay on the bed the taste of cum in my mouth and cum leaking out of my pussy as i caught my breath. Amber knelt between my legs with cum all around her mouth and dripping down her chin. I pull her down and kiss her tasting the cum. I kiss all round her mouth taking up all the cum and swallowing it.
I'm out of breath and still weak from my orgasm but I decide to give Amber some pleasure. I place my hand on her waist and gently guide her into position, kneeling between Edwards legs. I then place a hand on the small of her back gently pushing her forward. my hand moving up her back caressing her silky skin. she bends down to Edwards cock which is only semi erect at this point. I leave her to deal with the cock and turn my attention to her exposed pussy. i trace around the soft lips with my fingers making her moan onto Edwards cock. she is soaking and as i part the lips i see it glistening under my hands. i lean in for a taste. the taste was much milder than Edwards cum at not at all unpleasant. i start to really go to town. I nuzzle into her pussy my tongue flicking her clit while my face is buried into her pussy. my whole world become her pussy it was all i could taste smell and see. the only thing i touched was her legs and side caressing them and grabbing them to pull my self in deeper. she started to grind onto my face. i wanted her to cum and squirt in my face, she had said she did that in our chat during the day and i wanted it but as she started to get close and I worked harder and harder to bring her to the peak she pulled away. she climbed up Edwards chest and slid down onto his shaft. she started to grind down onto him and in seconds she was moaning. her fingers were digging deeply into Edwards broad chest. she tensed and sat bold upright convulsing slightly while letting out small whimpers. i could see fluid running out over Edwards cock, to make up for missing it on my face i lent down to lick it off his balls while Amber continued  to spew out more as she convulsed in pleasure on top of him.
she finally rolled off and Edward grabbed me pushing me to the bed he climbed on top sliding inside me. he slid in easily due to the remainder of the first load of cum and spit that was still in there. he started slowly pumping in and out his precum mixing with the concoction already filling my pussy. we both took a while having already orgasmed once but slowly and surely the pressure within me built as he slowly increased his speed. I heard a little moan next to me and saw Amber with her fingers furiously rubbing her clit while watching us. i watched her delicate fingers touch and rub all her sensitive spots, this was making the pressure grow faster until finally with and almighty burst i exploded my pussy contracting wildly around Edwards cock, my legs wrapping and intertwining with his as i pushed hard against him. he grabbed me tight and i could feel him explode in side me his juices flowing into my womb. I lay back thinking I couldn't be happier catching my breath when Amber jumped over planting her self over my face her fingers still furiously frigging her clit, I was shocked a second later as she squirted over my face drenching me in her juices as she quivered above me. I smiled and licked my lips utterly satisfied but still pining for my love who was soon to arrive. but even then I was to be denied intimacy with him until i was with child....
I didn't know it yet but i was the seed had just been planted.