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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, OK my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. I'm a 21 and I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(I would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Monday, 18 September 2017

Irish family 3

Katie drove through the country side, navigating the narrow winding lanes with the confidence only possessed by a local. She had spent her whole life until the last year on this remote windswept part of the Atlantic coast.
I had grown up in the middle of the hustle and bustle of London which couldn't be more different weather beaten, craggy isolated wilderness. With is towering mountains instead of high rises and exposed rock rising out of the thin soil instead of weeds forcing their way through tarmac. It was a beautiful unspoiled portion of the world barely touched by the hand of man. every turn in the road gave way to a different view, whether it was the 12 Bens looming in the distance or the craggy coast opening out into the gray churning mass of the Atlantic broken only by small spots of land, small islands, most no more than a large rock sticking out of the water, that litter the coast of Island.

"Enjoying the view?" Katie asked.
I shook myself out of my reverie and turn to look at her. She was a gorgeous brunet, slender and toned with straight shoulder length hair and delicate features. Her face was lightly freckled and she had the most striking green eyes which always sparkled with a hint of mischief. "Yeah, it’s beautiful, I can't believe you grew up here."

"True, it does lack a few of the amenities of a city though. It can get a bit boring sometimes."

"I suppose that's why you are so close with your family" I commented, I knew her brother and sister had visited her quite a few times after she had moved to unit, although since we had started dating they hadn't visited, I assumed Katie hadn't wanted to introduce me to her family until we were more secure in our relationship.

"Yeah, they are all dying to meet you."

"Well only another..." I glanced at the Satnav "3 minutes"

"Are you nervous?"

I smiled back at her "If they are all as perfect as you then I have nothing to be nervous about." I then laughed as she mimed being sick at the soppy words.

"Keep up with that rubbish and I'll leave you out in the middle of the bog"

"That's fine I'll become 'James of the bog'. Living off the land, hunting, fishing, building shelters....other country things."

Katie snorted "closest you've come to a bog is a big puddle in Phoenix park. Oh we are here!"

We were coming up to a turning off the road, on the stone wall by the road was a girl with deep blue hair. She jumped off the wall as we arrived showing her petite athletic frame in a tight black strappy top and tight red jeans. "KATIEEEE" she squealed as we turned off the road and pulled up next to her.

Katie wound down the window "Hey Ciara!"
"ohm you must be James, Katie has told us soooo little about you, your her mystery city man" Ciara said leaning down to rest her elbows on the window giving me a quick glance down her top "Stop that she is Katie's sister!" i thought to myself, I forced myself to look up and meet her eyes. If Katie’s eyes had a spark of mischief then Ciara’s eyes had a roaring inferno. She jumped in the back seat of the car and lent forward so her head was between ours I caught a whiff of a deep flowery perfume. Then the questions started. As Katie drove down the track I was bombarded with question from the back seat, "What are you studying?", "What is London like?" "Do you Like Ireland". I tried gamely to keep up with the flow of questions but she barely gave me time to finish one answer before she asked another, often completely unrelated, question. "Has Katie told you about the party?" she asked the glint in her eye gleaming.

"Party, no. What party?" I glanced over at Katie who blushed.

"It’s a bit of a baptism of fire...for both of us. All my family will be there. There will be singing dancing, music....and everyone has to perform."

Shit, perform, in front of Katie's entire family, shit, what can I do? I have no skills. "Perform what?"

"A skill talent, whatever, most of us sing or dance" Ciara chipped in from the back seat grinning maliciously.

"And you didn't tell me because...?"

"I didn't want you not to come" Katie was blushing furiously now and shooting Ciara dirty looks.

"Don't look at me like that sis, he was going to find out soon anyway. I just gave him some time to prepare"

Katie pulled up next to a house and we all piled out of the car. Katie tried to give Ciara a light shove but Ciara slipped between her arms and it ended up as a hug with Ciara resting her head on Katie's chest and her arms wrapped around her back. Wait is Ciara squeezing Katie’s ass? I couldn't quite see because Katie was facing toward me but it looked like... Katie pushed her sister away. Maybe I imagined it, why would she be grabbing her sister’s ass, it is a nice ass mmmmmmm



"Grab your stuff stop standing there staring into space!"

We bustled into the house and were greeted by Katie's parents, the meeting was brief as they were heading over to the hay barn to set up for the party. Katie took me to her room so we could unpack.

The next few hours went by in a blur off faces as Katie dragged me round all the houses introducing me to her family. As soon as we left each house I immediately forgot all the names I had just been told.

Much sooner that I would have liked the sky was starting to darken and I was walking arm in arm with Katie towards a large wooden barn. The large doors were wide open and light and music was spilling out.

Suddenly I felt another arm slip around my free arm. I turned to see Ciara's face grinning up at me "Hey James, nervous about your performance?"

"Yeah, I don't have any talents"

"That's not what I hear" Ciara grinned and leaned round me to give Katie a very obvious wink making me turn a deep red Is Ciara just messing with me or has Katie been discussing our sex life with Ciara. More importantly why does that turn me on? Snap out of it you idiot yes she is cute but she is Katie sister.

"Stop messing with him Ciara, I'm sure he has enough to think about without hearing about the PowerPoint presentation I gave you about our sex life"

I looked round at Katie and raised an eyebrow "Why of all the ways to say you talked about our sex life would you pick a PowerPoint presentation?"

"Because I give a damn good PowerPoint presentation!"

"That's not all she is damn good at" Ciara gave another exaggerated wink.

"God your hopeless" Katie sighed and dragged us both into the barn. "KEVIN!!" Katie suddenly screamed as we entered the barn and suddenly ran off to embrace a tall well-built guy with short brown hair and green eyes just like Katie's.

"That's Kevin our cousin, I thought he was going to stay in Manchester over the holidays. I wonder how come he's back" Ciara had to lean into my ear to be heard over the music and I got another breath of her flowery aroma. She seemed to pause close up to me for slightly too long to be natural but then she pulled away and I thought I must have imagined it.

Katie was skipping back towards us holding on to a slightly bemused Kevin "James right?" he held out a hand which I took "Nice to meet you at last, Katie has told me so much about you"

"Ahh so you got the PowerPoint presentation too did you?" I said. The girls both laughed loudly while Kevin looked baffled.

"Don't worry about it, I'll explain later." Katie said "Now let’s go get some drinks"

Again the next few hours passed bewilderingly quickly as everyone who I had been introduced to came back over and said hi while I tried to avoid admitting I had forgotten their names. Ciara noticed that I had been struggling and started whispering me names in my ear as people came over, which I thought was nice especially as it gave me more whiffs of her enchanting perfume. However, it turned out that actually it was just an excuse to tease me more by feeding me deliberately wrong names every so often.

I was saved when Katie pulled me out onto the dance area. She pulled me close to her body and we started swaying with the music. "Thanks" I whispered in her ear.

"I thought you looked like you needed saving from my family, especially Ciara"

"I feel like I'll need saving from Ciara a lot"

"You probably will" Katie smiled and kissed me lightly.

Throughout the conversation I was breathing in Katie's scent while being pressed against her body and it was making it quite hard to focus on where I was putting my feet.

"Oh I have to go, I'm up first." Katie pulled away and stepped up onto the stage with Kevin following along behind. Kevin sat down on a chair and picked up a violin from the corner of the stage. Calling it a stage may be a bit of an exaggeration, it was some hay bales with wooden boards on top, it didn't look exactly stable.

Kevin started to play as the speakers were turned off leaving the violin as the only sound in the suddenly quite barn. He played a slow haunting tune that echoed the dark rugged landscape outside. Then Katie started to sing. Her voice rang pure and clear through the barn. She sang in Irish, which I don't know, but even so I could feel the story flowing like water down a stream. I was entranced in her beauty as the music swirled round me. I was spellbound then suddenly the mood changed, the tempo lifted everyone cheered and moved to the dance area. Ciara pushed me forward and took my hands as everyone started to dance to the upbeat jig.

I was now pressed close to Ciara but the sound of Katie's voice singing out over the crowd of her family immunised me to her allure, well mostly. I was still very aware of her breasts when she pressed close against me, and I was very aware when her hands grazed over my crotch seemly by accident. Other than that I was completely immune....honest.

As the song finished Ciara pulled away "My turn next" she hopped up onto the stage as Katie climbed down.

"Have fun dancing?" Katie asked

"Yeah, Ciara didn't even tease me once"

"She must be saving up for something big" Katie smiled as she stepped up beside me wrapping her arm round my back. "She's good you'll want to watch" she turned us towards the stage.

Kevin started playing again. Another upbeat jig. Ciara started to dance, arms straight down by her sides and feet slapping and tapping the ground with the music, making the boards flex and jump under her feet. She was indeed very good although it was hard not to focus on the bouncing breasts.

When she was finished Ciara jumped down and stepped over to us "You’re up next James!"

"What, but I still..... Oh" I looked at their faces and realised that I didn't actually have to do anything. "You evil pair of ...." I left it hanging glaring at them in mock outrage

"What’s up?" Kevin walked over. When it was explained to him how they had tricked me into thinking I had had to go up he guffawed loudly. "Don't worry man, you'll get used to these two. It helps to have alcohol in your system" He took me over to the table that was groaning with drinks of every description and poured us both a drink, I didn’t catch everything he threw in it but most of them were high alcohol spirits. We stood chatting for ages getting more and more pissed as he mixed us drinks.

Eventually I stumbled back to Katie's house with an equally pissed Katie. We stumbled up to her room and I flopped on the bed. I watched as Katie pulled off her clothes exposing first her flat stomach and black bra, and then her long toned legs. She unhooked her bra letting it fall to the floor exposing the beautiful perfect perky globes of her breasts. I realised the erection I had been suppressing all day finally rose pushing up a tent in my trousers.

Katie came closer and lent in, unzipping my jeans and letting my erection spring up. "Mmmmm God I love your cock, but I'm too pissed and tired tonight. Tomorrow I promise I'll make it up to you."

I leant in and kissed her deeply "Promise?"

"It'll be a time you will never forget" she grinned and bit her lower lip, she looked so sexy at that point with her hand still resting on my cock that I nearly came then and there. Before I could reply she had climbed over me and flopped down on the bed and was asleep before her head hit the pillow. I thought for a second about having a wank but then I was asleep before the thought had really fully formed.

I woke up the next morning feeling surprisingly fresh. I stood up and pulled off my clothes from last night and grabbed some more clothes from the draw Katie had let me use. I looked over at Katie and noticed that she must have woken up in the night and changed because she was now in a long grey T-shirt that stretched to mid-thigh. I had just finished pulling on my own T-shirt when I looked outside. I saw Ciara standing in the middle of the cobbled courtyard between the houses right next to the large stone that dominated the space. I thought I caught her glancing through the window back at me but she turned away too quickly for me to be sure. She was dressed in running gear, basically just a sports bra and tight Lycra shorts that went down to mid-calf. The outfit didn't leave much to the imagination.

She launched into stretching, raising her arms over her head and pushing her chest out, then lunging with her legs to stretch out her hamstrings. I watched as she contorted her body, I watch the graceful arch of her back and the lithe stretch of her torso. I watched with fascination as she put one leg up on the rock and slowly moved her legs apart until they were both pointing the wrong way. I watched as she bent over to touch her toes, and ended up with her elbows on the floor, with her pert ass wiggling in the air. The spell was broken as Katie moved in the bed behind me yawning and stretching out. She opened her bleary eyes and saw me. "Morning. Enjoying the view?"

I smiled back "It's even better in this direction." I wasn't making that up. Even though I had found Ciara's morning stretch overtly captivating, it didn't compare to Katie stretched out on the bed. Hair splayed out over the pillow and tanned legs bare and the rest covered by a lose T-shirt. I moved across the room to kiss her gently and run my hand over down her body, the contact sending a pulse of excitement shooting through my body.

We lay there lazily making out for a good ten minutes and by the end of it my cock was rock hard. Katie giggled as she felt it poke her "We are going to have to do something about that soon." she slipped her hand past the waist band of my shorts and pulled my throbbing erection out.
She lent down kissed the tip, her silky lips feeling warm and soft on the summit of my manhood. Her tongue flicked out and licked up the drop of precum that had oozed out, making me moan. Then she looked up with that evil glint in her eyes. "But not quite now" she smiled as she pulled my shorts back up and gave me a little pat on the crotch. Then she stood up pulled off the T-shirt and walked over to the wardrobe, her bare ass swaying seductively. She pulled on her clothes with agonizing slowness letting me watch every movement as she slowly covered her naked form. She pulled on tight black jeans and a red and blue plaid shirt over her black enticing underwear.

When she was finally done teasing me she took me down to the kitchen. Just as we walked into the room there was a crash and a flash from outside. The skies suddenly opened up and torrential rain started pelting the house, accompanied by regular peals of thunder and bright flashed of lightning. "Well the plan to go out to the island today may be slightly scuppered." Katie said, dejectedly. Last night both her, Ciara and Kevin had all been very keen to take me over to the island. Very keen indeed.

I was about to ask what we should do instead when suddenly I remembered something "You know Ciara's out in this?" I said suddenly worried.

"How do you know?"

"I saw her go out for a run when I was admiring the view." Luckily I was spared further explanation of quite how long I'd watched her by the door banging open. Ciara rushed in soaked to the bone.

"You look a little wet" Katie commented teasingly. Ciara just glared at her and stomped upstairs...well squelched off upstairs.

We settled down to have breakfast. We were still laughing about teasing Ciara when Kevin came in the front door. He looked pretty bedraggled with his hair plastered to his head. "It's pretty wet out, I got this wet just crossing the courtyard. I think the island will have to wait for another day"

"Humph" Katie huffed "I was really looking forward to the island"

"We could hang out in the barn instead, it's clear of most of the hay because of the party and there are probably still some bottles out there"

Katie tilted her head to one side thoughtfully "Yeah, I suppose the barn could work"

"What do you mean 'could work'?" I asked thinking it was an odd phrase to use.

"Oh err, we just like to have a place to ourselves when we are back. Get out from under our parents feet." Katie replied after a short pause and a glance at Kevin. I suspected I was going to get teased again but I decided to go along for now and keep my guard up for anything suspicious. I had just finished that thought when we heard a thumping coming from the stairs and Ciara bounded down them now with dry hair and in dry clothes. She was wearing a plaid shirt that was very like Katie's but it was green and she had denim short shorts on that showed off her long inviting legs.

"Did I hear we are going to the barn?" she asked

"Yeah" Kevin replied

"Goody that's perfect" She smiled. Goody is another odd choice of words, what are they planning, luring me away from everyone... can't be good. I'm going to have to keep my eye on them.

We all dashed over to the barn with bundles of blankets under our coats, arriving at the barn breathless and pretty wet. We all peeled of our coats and threw them onto the hay by the door which Kevin pulled shut to keep out the cold and rain. Then we cleared the bottles off one of the trestle tables and pulled it into the middle of the barn and pulled some bales of hay around it to act as seats. Ciara draped some of the blankets over the bales while Kevin pulled over the other table and placed all the remaining bottles of alcohol on it so they were within easy reach.

I flopped down onto the blanket covered hay and found it surprisingly comfy. Kevin put a drink in front of me, I remembered back to last night and sniffed at the drink, it smelt strong. Oh well. I took big sip "Bloody hell that is strong!" The others all laughed and we settled down to drinking and chatting. Kevin had brought some cards and we started playing some games.

About an hour later we were all pretty merry, I had just won a round of Cheat, which I had done by cheating beyond the rules and had a number of cards hidden under the blanket. I was smiling and laughing when I noticed some looks shoot between the other three. I immediately tensed thinking that whatever trap they had planned for me was about to be sprung.

"How about we make this more interesting?" Kevin suggested.

"What do you suggest?" Katie asked innocently.

"How about strip poker?"

"Oh yeah, I've never got to play that before" Ciara said

"Could be fun, what do you think James?" Katie turned to me smiling

What’s the plan? Why would they want to play strip poker with their family? Maybe they plan to cheat and make me lose every round. Ahh but I can do that too with the cards under my blanket, I can beat them at their own game!"

"Yeah sure why not?" I play along already thinking through all the cards I had hidden.

 "What are the rules?" Ciara asked

"You can fold at the start, if you fold too often you have to start sacrificing clothes. If you continue at each betting round you have the option of raising the number of articles of clothing we are playing for and in the final round the person with the lowest hand has to remove the clothes. If you fold mid-way though the round you have to remove the number of items of clothes that the pot has currently reached" Kevin rattled off the rules in a very practiced manner.

"You've played this a bit before then?" I asked

"Yeah we do it quite a bit when we have had a few drinks at Uni." he replied as he dealt out the cards.

The first few rounds were uneventful no one bet extra clothes as we settled into the game. I didn't cheat because I was only risking shoes and socks for now. I didn't think they were cheating either for the same reason. The game only started to heat up once all of us except Kevin had lost our shoes and socks. I lost that round and as the cards went down they all started whooping expecting my jumper or jeans. I smiled and pulled off my belt as they started jeering at the cop out.

The next round I drew 4 and an 8 of clubs I didn't fold as I was hoping I might get a full set of clubs. But, as I watched the remaining cards of the table I realised I was stuck with a pair of fours. Kevin had folded so it was just me and the girls. I waited until Kevin was putting down the last card and they were all focused on that before reaching under the blanket and pulling out a 4 I had hidden during cheat. Swapping it for the 8 and giving myself triple 4. I smiled as I put the cards down beating the girl’s hands which were a pair of 7s and a pair of kings. This left Ciara as the looser and as we drunkenly whooped she pulled down her shorts. Her shirt still covered everything when she sat cross legged on the hay although I did keep glancing at legs hoping to catch her shifting position and catch a glimpse of her underwear. Unfortunately that distracted me from the next round and I ended up topless while the Kevin gave me a wolf whistle and Katie sang the classic stripper music "stripper" by David Rose.

I paid more attention in the next round which ended in Katie unbuttoning her shirt to expose her exquisite figure and the black bra from this morning. I was predictably distracted the next round but so was Kevin who ended up raising the bet far too high on a pair of Jacks meaning that he was sat in just a t-shit and boxers. I gave him a loud wolf whistle to return his.

I cheated the next round to get a flush and raise the bet a bit meaning Ciara had to take off two items of clothing. She only had underwear and a shirt on so my cock was stirring at finally getting to see some of her body up close but she somehow took off her bra under her shirt pulling it out her sleeve and then pulling of her panties which she placed on the table in front of her, right next to me. I glanced at the panties and noticed that the crotch was actually a little wet. Is this turning her on? It's definitely making me horny but this is her family. They don't seem to be surprised I'm not losing....what’s going on here?

The next round ended with Katie dropping her bra to the floor exposing her perfectly pert breasts, her nipples slightly erect because of the cold. My cock was pressed up hard into my jeans as they suppressed my erection. I lost the next round even though I cheated to get a flush Kevin beat me while the girls folded and I had to pull down my jeans trying to hide the erection as I did. "Oh babe. Don't worry about that" Katie smiled "I would be insulted if you didn't have an erection with me sitting here all exposed. Also Kevin isn't even bothering to hide his."

Kevin shrugged as I looked over the table to see his boxers had a massive tent in them "When you play strip poker a lot you stop being shy about it" he explained.

But they are your cousins! I thought but said nothing just shrugging and sitting back down, erection exposed.

Finally in the next round Ciara lost again. All that she had left was the shirt that had been teasingly covering her body this entire game. She slowly unbuttoned the shirt shrugging it off her shoulders so it fell down her body. Fuck she is hot. She had a slight petite frame. Her abs were toned from exercise, her breasts were round and pert and just the right size for her small build. Her nipples stood erect in the cold and I could see the goose bumps covering her soft white skin. Her Long straight dark blue hair was draped over her shoulders with the ends caressing the side of her perky tits. I admired the curve of her figure, as it curved inwards at her waist and then curved gently outwards at her hips. My gazes was drawn down, every curve and every line seeming to lead my eyes to one place. There it was nestled between her legs, smooth and hairless. It was neat and tucked in and I couldn't help noticing that it looked exactly like Katie's. I felt a fluttering in my chest as I gazed at her.

Intellectually I knew Katie was just as ravishingly stunning but the forbidden taboo of her being my girlfriend’s sister had awoken a more primal part of my being. The part of me that wanted to revel in naked abandon with Ciara. Wanted to feel her hot sweaty flesh pressed against mine. Wanted to thrust into her, claiming her as mine. To make her quiver with ecstasy as I filled her with my seed.

I tore my eyes away fearing that I might have been caught drooling over Ciara, expecting Katie to be looking at me in horror. Instead I saw both Kevin and Katie staring at Ciara too, and I was sure that both their eyes were filled with the same lust that was currently coursing through my body. I close my eyes to think. What is going on here? They are family, but they want her, could we all...no stop, don't be silly your imagining it.

I certainly wasn't imagining the hand that wrapped around my throbbing shaft though. My eyes shot open to meet Katie's deep green eyes. She smiled as she slowly caressed my manhood. "What are you doing your...." I pause looking over to see Ciara and Kevin were making out. "What are they...But…? I..."

"Shhhhhhh, just relax" Katie whispered in a low sultry voice that sent shivers down my spine. I did as I was told leaning back against a bale of hay behind me and relaxing into the pleasurable sensation of Katie's hand stroking up and down my shaft.

I closed my eyes as I focused on the pleasurable sensations that seemed to radiate through my whole body. I felt her straddle me and soon I was buried deep inside her silky sweet wetness. She rocked gently back and forth letting out soft moans.

I opened my eyes.

I suddenly sat straight up eyes wide with shock. I was buried inside Ciara. Who, was giggling at my reaction. Then Katie was there standing next me. Standing next to me while my erect cock was thrust deep inside her sister. "Shh James, it’s OK. I want this, you want this, and Ciara definitely wants this. I told you I'd give you a time you wouldn't forget, well this is only the beginning."

Arms wrapped around Katie from behind caressing her stomach. Kevin twirled Katie round and the cousins started to make out their hands exploring each other’s bodies.

I turned to look at the nubile exposed body that was currently straddling my waist. "God, fuck, I've been waiting for this" Ciara purred and she gyrated her hip back and forth. "Katie had me going all out to seduce you, I told her it was going to rain this morning but she told me to get out there anyway and wait for you to see me, I was stood out there for ages!"

"You planned this?" I asked still dazed at the sudden turn the night had taken.

"Of course. We are a close family and Katie didn't want to give up that closeness so the only way for you to continue dating was to include you in our family fun"

"You've done this before?"

"Yeah loads, you’re the first cock I've had that hasn't been related to me"

"I'm honoured...I think"

Ciara continued chatting away explaining all of the history behind their 'family time'. But as she kept going the sentences got more and more garbled as they were interrupted by moans as she settled into a rhythm. "Oh god I'm wetter than I was this morning!" She blurted out between gasps.

Finally I started to accept what was happening. I reached out and grabbed Ciara's hips and started to thrust back into her, each thrust ending with my grinding myself against her clitoris. Making her cry out in pleasure and dig her nails into my chest.

Behind Ciara's exquisite writhing body I saw Katie kneeling in front of Kevin. Her cousin’s cock was slipping slowly between her soft lips and she took him into her mouth. Her hands were wrapped around the base of his shaft gently pumping as his tip slid into her waiting mouth.

I focused back on Ciara's supple form as the whole situation became too much for me. My sexy girlfriend's flirtatious and horny sister was riding my cock while watched my girlfriend sock off her cousin. I could feel a familiar tightness building in my abdomen. My muscles starting to twitch. "Oh fuck Ciara. OOOOh fuck yes!"

"Yes fucking cum in me James, cum into my wet cunny. Fuck yes, fill me up!" Ciara cried losing her rhythm has she sped up pounding down on my cock with a wild abandon.

I tensed and quivered and finally the dam broke and the pressure that had built inside me shot through my body. I let out a long panting groan as the sensation ripped through my body and my cock pulsed my seed into Ciara, again and again pulse after pulse. Ciara was letting out a satisfied coo each time my cock twitched inside her.

I gasped as my body shuddered, finally giving its last heave before I flopped backwards. I was breathing heavily and unable to focus as I tried to recover. Ciara stayed straddling my gently rubbing herself against my crotch as she waited for me.

"OH fuck Katie yes oh fuuuuuuck" I hear Kevin grunt. I looked over to see him shooting his cum directly onto Katie's face. Each shot made Katie groan and quiver. I knew how much she was enjoying it. She loved being covered in cum.

Kevin flopped back onto the hay with a sigh as Katie stood up and walked over to us. The cum was slowly dripping down her face, off her chin to land on her breasts and cleavage. "Having fun you two?" She purred, smiling through the cum.

"Oh yes. But I think James might need a little break" Ciara smiled as she looked her sister up and down.

"Aww poor boys just couldn't keep up could they." Katie reached out and pulled Ciara off me. She rose slowly exposing my cock that was covered in a mix of our juices. Katie gave Ciara a quick but passionate kiss before laying her down on another hay bale. "You may have James' cum but I'm not letting you have it all to yourself."

Katie spread her younger sister’s legs as she knelt down between them. Ciara gasped as she felt the warm of Katie's breath on her hairless sex. Katie started gently lapping around the outside tasting all the juices that had already slid out of Ciara. The juices mixing with Kevin's cum that still covered Katie's delicate face. Ciara bit back a moan as Katie finally slid her tongue inside reaching for the cum that had been shot deep indie her sister. Ciara reached down and started to gently rub at her clit as Katie worked on her pussy. Katie was moaning in pleasure as she lapped at my seed while Ciara was gasping and groaning. Her free hand clenched and relaxed as Katie worked.

I watched the two beautiful sisters locked together. Katie's hands slide up her younger sister’s side exploring the contours of Ciara's body. Katie's hands moved their way up towards the smooth mounds of Ciara's breasts. She started to gently pinch and play with her sisters erect nipples making Ciara gasp in delight.

I cannot begin to describe how unbelievably erotic the scene before me was, every sound they made each whimper, groan, each grunt, sent jolts of adrenaline shooting through me system. I had never experienced feeling this turned on before, nothing in my life had prepared me for moment. I briefly wondered what effect this was going to have on our relationship, how on earth did a relationship where you have sex with your girlfriends sister work? I pushed those thoughts aside for now deciding I wanted to focus on here and now.

As Ciara's responses began to grow more frantic Katie sped up. This quickly resulted in Ciara's back arching as her breath hitched, her body quivered. She let out a long quavering moan and her leg twitched uncontrollably. Katie kept lapping as Ciara spammed on the hay gasping for breath.

Ciara eventually subsided flopping back onto the hay exhausted and panting. Katie rose up from between her sisters legs. Her face was flushed and covered in a mix of juices from the rest of us. She was gazing down proudly at her little sister, who smiled back weakly.

"Wow" I whispered taking in my girlfriend’s naked form.

She looked over at me, eyes resting on my cock that was once again standing to attention. "I think it’s time I got to have a go on that"

"I think you deserve to have a go on both of us" Kevin interjected. I looked over and saw he was fully erect to after watching his cousin’s cunnilingus.

"Ohh I like the sound of that" Katie cooed. She immediately pushed Kevin down onto his hay bale and straddled him. "Ciara, get Kevin ready to come in from behind" Katie ordered excitedly.

Ciara rolled off the hay bale still exhausted. She sank to her knees in front of me wrapping her wet lips around the tip of my cock. She slid with practiced movements up and down my cock leaving stands of saliva behind as she lubed me up. As she did this she looked up at me. Her eyes wide an innocent, in direct contrast to her practiced movements. "Oi Ciara, I'm sure that's enough stop hogging my boyfriend’s cock Katie said impatiently. It seemed she had had enough of giving and finally wanted to take some pleasure for herself. I was now lubed tip to base, my cock was slowly dripping a mixture of cum and spit.

I knelt behind Katie as she sat poised above her cousin’s crotch, his cock just resting against her flushed and swollen outer lips. She was so wet her juices were already starting to flow out of her and drip down Kevin's manhood.

I placed my length just brushing her ass and reached forwards to grab her hips. I pulled her back and down while I slowly pushed forward impaling her on both cocks at once. I went slowly and gently letting both cocks enter bit by bit letting Katie get used to the feeling of two men inside her. Finally we were both buried deep inside her. My balls were touching Kevin's which was... disconcerting, I ignored it pushing it to the back of my mind and focused on what was happening to the rest of my body. "Ready?" I asked. Katie nodded looking round to catch my eyes and biting her bottom lip in anticipation.

We started slowly quickly finding that Katie like us thrusting alternately as we settled into a rhythm. I kept hold of her hips gently moving them in time with our thrusts. She started rocking with us pressing her ass into me with my thrusts and then her crotch into Kevin with his. This made are back arch and flex showing off her toned lithe physique. She started setting the pace with her rocking speeding us up as she gasped and moaned at the incessant stimulation. Kevin was grunting beneath Katie as she rode his cock and her fingers dug into his chest as she grew closer and closer to her climax. Katie hadn't climaxed at all yet and it showed as she rocked back and forth, wantonly ramming back onto one cock then the other.

Ciara watched us as we ploughed into her sister. Her face was flushed and exited as she watched us, her hands slowly exploring her own body as she recovered from her climax.

I was sliding in and out of Katie as a breakneck pace as Katie got closer and closer to her peak. I glided in and out easily despite how tightly her ass gripped my shaft. Ciara had done a fantastic job lubing me up. I looked over to see Ciara looking back at me, her eyes large and innocent but as my gaze travelled down her body I saw her casually fingering herself totally at odds with the doe like innocence in her eyes.

 Katie moans grew frantic as she gasped for air losing all rhythm as she thrust herself backwards onto our cocks. I reached up taking her breasts in my hands giving each nipple a firm pinch before holding the breasts tightly pulling her back up towards me arching her back and pushing her down onto Kevin's cock, and pushing her clitoris into his pubic bone. She gasped grinding against him. Her body seized up spamming in waves as the orgasm rolled through her body. "OHH fuck yes, fuck fuuuuUUUuuck" she moaned. Her muscles clamped around my shaft tight. I could feel every tremor and vibration as they coursed electrically through her body to the muscles and into my cock. I felt I could almost share this orgasm. Kevin was moaning in time with each of Katie's spasms and I knew he was sharing this too.

The contractions started to slow and Katie started to sag. She collapsed onto Kevin breathless, her chest heaving as she gasped for air. I glanced at Kevin over her shoulder. We didn't have to speak. We just nodded and as Katie's vice like muscles relaxed, slowly started to thrust again. "Whaaaaa?" Katie mumbled but unable to do more than that she lay her head down on Kevin's shoulder as we kept going.

We got into a rhythm again but this time we thrust in together filling her up completely before pulling out until only the heads of our cocks were still inside her holes before thrusting in again and burying ourselves to the hilt. When we were thrust in together I could feel him inside her, feel his cock shifting inside her along with mine.

Katie started thrusting back. She was still breathless but it seemed we had been right and the she wasn't don't with us yet, because of course we had not given her our cum. She lifted herself up once again her hands spread out on Kevin's chest. I started to circle her nipples with my thumb and forefingers, sometimes coming in to pinch or hold. Each time I could feel a jolt run through her body as her ass clenched onto my penis and she let out a low sultry groan. I started pinching whenever I was fully inserted, revelling in the feeling of her muscles clenching around my entire length and the especially tight ring clenching around the base of my cock.

Ciara suddenly appeared. Throwing her leg over Kevin's face and hovering over him. He gladly obliged swirling his tongue up and around sending shivers through her body. "I got bored being left out...ohhh yessss" she purred.

She took charge of Katie's breasts meaning that I got no warning when Ciara made Katie's muscles convulse. This made the sensation all the more exquisite. I moved my hands down to Katie's firm toned stomach. She was slick with sweat despite the cool air. I rand my hands over her sexy abdomen feeling the muscles move beneath my hand as she rode our cocks. I could even feel them quiver as Ciara pinched.

Katie returned the favour by gently nibbling on Ciara's nipples, flicking and lapping at them with her tongue. Over Katie's head Ciara locked eyes with me. I could have got lost for days in the lust swirling in her eyes. I might have done had she not thrown her head back letting out a long moan as Kevin did something between her legs.

I felt Kevin speeding up his thrusting, plunging hard and fast into his cousin’s hole. He gasped, grunted and gave one last thrust burying himself inside Katie. I could feel him pulsing inside her, feel him shooting load after load of cum into her.

Katie moaned in delight as Kevin gave her his cum. Kevin also seemed to be doing wonders for Ciara who moments later screamed in sudden pleasure. Shuddering and clenching, she nearly fell off the bale of hay, only staying upright thanks to Katie catching her.

As the other two flopped catching their breath I pulled Katie back pushing her back down onto a hay bale and desperately thrusting myself between her legs and inserting myself into her pussy. I bent down close to her wrapping one arm round her neck and the other was wrapped round her holding her ass and pressing her hip up into me.

I stated to thrust with my whole body writhing against her. I was as close to as possible pressed against her slick warm body. She writhed against me in time bucking her hips back into me as we both approached our climax.

Together we exploded our bodies locked together in a carnal embrace as we shared each other. Heightening and building on the others orgasm with our own. My own cum pulsed out mixing with Kevin's load that was already inside her. She screamed in ecstasy as she was filled up until cum was running back down my cock and over my balls. I stayed buried deep inside her until we had both stopped spamming. I rolled off her collapsing, exhausted, onto the hay. I reached out to hold her hand. She intertwined her fingers with mine as our chests rose and fell together as we caught our breath. 

We lay there together with Kevin and Ciara nearby, all of us sweaty, breathless and covered in each other’s juices. I felt like I was one of the family.