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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, ok my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. Im a 19 yrs old I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. Im up for msning I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(i would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Apology

Hey guys, I'm so sorry i haven't been writing recently, its my final year at uni so I'm very busy. anyway this story is all about an apology and it's my apology to you guys for not writing. I have decided to write it from the guys perspective for a change just to see if I can.

I walked in dripping wet and fuming. i slammed the door behind me and threw my soaked bag to the floor. i hadn't been wearing a coat or jumper and my white short was stuck to me and practically see through. "KATIE!!" I yelled. "where the fuck were you?"
"Oh shit, shit shit, sooooorry"
"you were supposed to pick me up hours ago, I had to walk three fucking miles and it bloody tipping it down"
"I forgot. I'm so sosososososososooooooooooo sorry"
"where's your phone, mum and dad told you not to switch it off but i couldn't get through?"
"errrm," she took her phone out her pocket and pressed a couple buttons, "out of charge"
"fucks sake" I stomped upstairs thinking how stupid it was that Katie had been left in charge while mum and dad were away when she was so incompetent that she couldn't even remember to pick me up from kickboxing training.
"whats all the yelling about" Jack, my little brother pocked his head out from his room. when he saw me he burst out laughing. he didn't stop until I made a move to hit him, he ducked back into his room and shut the door. i could still hear his giggles through the wall in my bedroom.
I peeled off my shirt and dropped it on the floor and crossed the hall to the bathroom where i finished undressing and climbed into the shower. the warm water worked wonders as it ran over my body, the heat soaking into my chilled body slowly relaxing me.
When I got out of the shower i felt much better, stilled angry but not as much. i grabbed my towel, wrapped it round my wait and went into my room and shut the door. i was watching Top Gear on my laptop when the door opened. "hey" Katie said hesitently
"hey" i responded, grudgingly. I glanced towards her, she did look very apologetic. she was wearing a dark blue, thick dressing gown wrapped tightly around her slender frame. she was about 5' 6'' with straight brown hair that went just past her shoulders. her cute blue eyes were filled will apology as she looked at me and her mouth was stretched into an apologetic smile.
"im really really sorry, I was a total idiot forgetting to pick you up"
"yeah, you were" i agreed
"so i... err wanted  ..well, like you  know... er make it up to you" she stumbled over the words, seeming really nervous i didn't quite understand why until the dressing gown slipped off. I sat there speechless as it dropped to the floor, she stood there waiting for a response. her breasts were perfect, large and pert, her nipples about the size of a 2 pence, and erect.  her body curved down from the breast, to a toned stomach, the gentle muscles of the stomach pointing down to a small triangle of hair that pointed between her legs.
eventually i managed to splutter out the eloquent phrase "huh?"
"well i see how you look at me" she blushed "i thought you might like to, you know err well touch, rather than just look."
"but your my sister" i protested the blood rushing away from my head and straight to something else
"yeah so? its not like im saying we have kids or anything, but well I havn't had a boyfriend since Jeremy and that ended months ago and i've never seen you with a girl, i though this could work well for both of us, just a bit of fun"
she was right i was 18 and was a virgin, I'd made out with some girls at parties but never gone past a bit of heavy petting, and i did look at her, i did want her, she was stunning, but still my sister. as this was running through my head she took a step forward and knelt down and undid the towel around my waist. i knew i should stop her but i didn't. her soft slender hand wrapped round my shaft and i let out a little moan. it felt soo good. too good! she bent over to kiss the tip and i couldn't hold it.
It was a disappointing dribble of cum that jumped out landing on her lips and  a second that ran down my cock. "shit sorry, i just, sorry" i babbled, mortified that i had just cum in her face.
she smiled as she licked the cum off her lips. "oh dear, well i wasn't expecting you that quickly" she giggled "but i didn't get my fun, so I'm sorry but this apology isn't over yet" before i knew it she was bent over my cock her lips wrapped round it tongue licking and massaging the length, licking up the cum that had run down. with very little effort she had stopped it deflating and had brought it back harder than ever. the sight of my older sister working my cock just blew my mind. but when she stood up and climbed on top of me i almost came again. she wrapped her arms around me and slowly descended onto me. the tip of my cock brushed against her outer lips and pressed in pushing her tight walls apart as she moved further and further onto my cock. her breasts were pressed against my chest and then her mouth was right by mine, it was slightly open, panting a little, i could feel the warm breath pass over my lips, it smelt sweet and fragrant i leaned in and kissed her lightly. it took her by surprise and i had moved back before she even fully registered i was kissing her. but she leaned forward and kissed me back. lightly like i had at first but then harder, more insistent as she started to grind onto my hips.  my hands found her hips, the thumbs resting on the curve of the bone and helping her move on my cock.
we were still in that position, enjoying the gentle rhythm we had built when the door opened again. "well well well, what are you two up to?" Jack was there a smug looking grin on his face. it was then that i realised that we had been moaning quite loudly.
"piss off Jack" i glowered at him
"is that any way to talk to someone who can expose you two as incestuous perverts" i heard a click as his phone camera took a photo
"what do you want Jack" Katie sighed
"i want what he's having, its only fair"
"OK fine, go away and I'll come to your room when I'm done here" Katie sighed, defeated
"nah, i want it now" Jack said, he was a real dick sometimes
"but I'm bu.." Katie started
"you can do both of us at the same time can't you, slut" Jack interrupted as he undressed
i don't think i had ever hated him more. but he had got us so i stood up holding Katie onto me and carry her over to the bed and laying down so she was on top of me. Jack straddled my legs and plunged himself into Katie's ass making her eyes water. "fucks sake Jack if you weren't such an ass about this we could fucking enjoy it" i yelled at him.
we got into a rhythm where as i went in Jack pulled out, we started slowly and sped up, Jack kept slapping Katie's ass and saying "yeah take it bitch, take my cock" I tried to ignore him, staring into Katie's eyes, the spark of fun had gone out of them, and was replaced by annoyance, but thankfully soon Jack started grunting his eyes closed as he slammed into her, then he pulled out and with a moan started cumming over Katie's back, spraying it everywhere "yeah you like that don't you slut, you love my cum on you mmmmmmmm" he rolled over and lay panting on the bed. within minutes he was asleep. "you OK he seemed a little rough" I asked
"yeah, he's still young and his cock is quite thin, I could cope" she smiled as she reached over and took his phone, and pulled out the memory card, snapping it.
with that the fun seemed to come back into her eyes and she started to ride me. i thrust back into her and we both started building toward a climax, faster and faster we went, our breathing and moans coming in short bursts. "oh god" she moaned as she nuzzle into my neck and started quivering her pussy was contracting and squeezing my cock and her little whispered moans in my ear pushed me over the edge and this time it wasn't a little dribble, I exploded inside of her, pulse after pulse of hot sticky cum filling her up, dripping out of her onto the bed. we lay there catching out breath.....until she suggested we go for a shower together.