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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, ok my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. Im a 19 yrs old I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. Im up for msning I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(i would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Monday, 18 August 2014


I stood leaning on the bar watching the dancers sway to the swing music playing at the other end of the hall. The band was good and while I usually had a thing for musicians none of them turned my head, this was likely due to the average age of the band being almost triple my own. the increased age of bands was not the only change recently, the war had just started, a war that people had dreaded after seeing the effects of the last war had had on the world. But the government told us that we could not in all good conscience stand by while Nazi Germany ploughed through Europe. we must stand by our allies they said, and that was that. The young men were all out fighting leaving my liking for musicians unfulfilled. I had started working in the dance hall because I loved the music and the atmosphere but most of all because of the musicians and would often end my shift back stage with them mostly just chatting and lightly flirting, sometimes more.
"Get us a pint love" a young soldier yelled, despite only being 5 feet away for me
"That'll be one shilling and 3 pence" I said will a smile recognizing his face as a soldier who I had already served far too many drinks to that night
apparently the soldier read too much into the smile as he said "You've been a very pleasant bar maid, I'll give you a shag as a tip if you like, you must be gasping for it what with all us young studs gone of to fight so you're pretty little face never has see the German stormtroopers" he slurred all of this, half boasting, half sounding like he was doing me a personal favor.
"I think I'd rather the Germans than a night with you" I quipped with a smile to soften the blow, the soldier turned away as his friends roared with laughter at his misfortune.
I was common that I had to fend of clumsy advances by drunk soldiers who thought that because they were in uniform that all women would swoon, but most of them didn't suit the uniform, they were young boys, most of them fresh out of training, they weren't really soldiers or warriors they were there because they had to be, or because they were too full of manly bravado to see that most of them would not be coming back. I felt sorry for them, they were still full of youthful innocence, and most would end up dead in a distant land being told to kill and enemy that for the most part were just like them. I had great respect for them and didn't truly mean my comments about preferring the Germans so I called him over to the bar and leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "next time your in town come back here, if you've survived then I'll happily give you a good roll in the hay" I winked at him "just doing my bit to make sure as many of you come back alive as possible"  He smiled at the joke and after assuring me that he would be back he returned to his friends.
"Do you offer that to all the troops?" A captain stood at the bar eyebrows raised.
"Only the ones I think need encouraging to look after themselves, what can I get you?"
"A whiskey please" he said handing over a few shillings "keep the change"
"Awful young to be captain aintcha?" I ask as I poured his drink
"How do you know I didn't just come in as a Captain, you know connections and all that?"
"call it woman's intuition" I grinned, he just didn't strike me as some one who had just been given the rank, I had meet a few in my time behind the bar. His eyes also told a story, there was a gleam in them suggesting a sense of fun but deeper, buried behind the exterior there was something, a sadness that I only saw in the men who came back from fighting, the captains pin on his epaulettes looked a bit newer than the other two, it wasn't much but it was the feeling I got from him.
He raised his eyebrows "perceptive for a barmaid." he commented "I got a promotion for 'extraordinary performance of duties while serving in combat or under combat conditions'" he quoted "so how do you enjoy working here?" he clumsily changed the subject.
"Well I get to meet some interesting people" I said pointedly 
"the music's good as well" he commented "I used to play the trumpet as a kid, I loved it, I even got a scholarship from the royal academy of music but..." he paused "things got in the way" he finished gesturing to his uniform.
He stayed at the bar chatting with me in between serving customers for the rest of the night, I learned his name was Captain James Rawcliff and although he moved off the subject quickly I learned he had been deployed in Africa before he came back to England to be transferred to a new unit, we also spent hours discussing music and were just discussing our mutual love of Benny Goodman when I noticed the time and realized that the place was almost empty. I came out from behind the bar to help Arthur the elderly janitor to put away chairs and tables and was happy to find Cpt James came to help as well "there's no need to help really" I said but he brushed my comment away and continued with everything tided away Cpt James and I walked out of the hall, leaving Arthur to lock up.
"So Captain" I said "where to now?" I gave a flirtatious smile.
"You lead, I'll follow" he said
I took his hand and lead him through a few streets, It was late and the the winters night was dark. No lights showed anywhere due to the blackout but I knew the streets and brought him right to my door, pulling it open I dragged him inside quickly to avoid gossiping neighbors. I felt as giddy as a school girl i pulled him close to me, wrapping my arms round his waist and lifting myself up onto my tiptoes to lightly kiss his lips. his hand went to the small of my back pulling me in closer our lips intertwined he pulled me into him tighter lifting me slightly off the floor. i wrapped my legs round his waist as he held me up, our lips still locked in there delicious embrace. carried me over to a wall pressing me against it as our kiss grew ever more frenzied. I could feel his lust radiating off him. he wanted me. I wanted him. neither of would be denied as one of his hands started to move up my outer thigh that had become exposed when I wrapped my legs around him. His hand move along finally resting on my ass cheek as he grabbed it forcefully. I broke the kiss too lustful to wait any longer, already feeling his 'excitement' against my crotch as he held it against me. "Take me upstairs, the door on the right" I managed to gasp through heavy barely controlled breathing. He carried me up the stairs like I weighed nothing, bounding up the steps two at a time, pushing open the bedroom door and laying me down on the bed. I turned my back on him, presenting the buttons on the back of my dress to hm. with quick deft fingers he undid them, letting the dress fall to the floor. his hands were immediately running over my skin sending tingles wherever the touched, I turned round in his arms, giving him a gentle kiss as I undid the buttons on his jacket and shirt. before sliding them off in one motion. I paused for a moment to observe his chest. It was hard and rugged and there was more than one scar on it. I gently traced one long one down from his lower chest right down to the top of his trousers where I started to undo the belt buckle.
As his trousers fell to the floor I stood up crossing to an old gramophone that stood to one side of my room, placing the arm down over the record and starting the music. The room filled with the sound of Benny Goodman as i stepped back towards him "Shall we dance?" I asked, leaving no doubt as to the true meaning if what I was saying. He pulled me down onto him with a smile.
within second we had removed the underwear of the other and our hands were all over each other. my hand finally moved down to grasp his solid shaft slowly rubbing up and down its length. my hand was soon covered in the precum he was leaking. His hand was also getting soaked as he was exploring my slit with great interest. his fingers tracing around the edge and slipping inside each time he slipped inside I tensed with anticipation. unable to wait any longer I pushed him over so he was laying on his back and swung my leg over him. I straddled him and slowly lowered myself down over his erect cock, gasping with pleasure as his tip brushed past my clit and the a long moan of satisfaction as I slid down onto him while he thrust up to meet me. As I rode him I could feel something leave me, something i hadn't consciously know was there the pent up sexual frustration that had built up was washing away and being replaced by the building pleasure that was enveloping my body. I lent forward giving my clit a better angle to rub against him while we fucked and also to kiss him more, to entwine our lips as we had before. this time however as or lips met it was more that the lust there was last time, a connection formed like two lost drowning sailors grabbing for each other in the dark murky depths. we locked on tight, kissing with a passion I had never before experienced, neither of us breaking away even as we built up speed climbing inch towards an explosion. Finally the pressure was too great and I gasped breaking the kiss as i gasped for air my back arching as every muscle in my body tensed and spasmed. I drove my hips down hard onto him still gasping for breath as the waves of pleasure rocked through me over and over. I didn't even notice being rolled over as James continued thrusting deep inside me as I recovered. but the continued stimulation did not let me recover as the orgasm died off another was building rapidly in it wake and exploding through my body again. I moaned and groaned my leg twitching as I was left nearly senseless by its intensity. I still wasn't done it seemed as my third orgasm followed quickly on the heels of the second, this time just as I was about to detonate James finally grunted and I felt the warm flow of cum pump into me. I exploded in a quivering mind bending orgasm that left me dazed as I lay on the bed, my leg still twitching slightly. I was gasping for breath and as I opened my eyes I saw he was too. I pulled him down so that we were laying on our sides facing each other the music still playing in the background. there was no need for word and neither of us was really capable of talking at that point as we lay staring into each other eyes.