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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, ok my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. Im a 19 yrs old I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. Im up for msning I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(i would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Katie the Barista

Another fan submitted story

“Why is the line in this coffee shop always so long?” I mumbled to myself. Despite this place always having a ridiculous line, the barista here is the only woman I know that can get my coffee right. In the end the line is always justified. I patiently waited and one by one I was closer to my favorite barista. A beautiful redhead woman stood in front of me, she couldn’t be any more than 5’7”. Her long bouncy red hair contrasted her skin perfectly, causing her even lighter eyes to have a piercing effect. 

“Hey, how are you doing today? Same thing as always?” Her voice was soft and sweet and I’ve been coming her so long she had my coffee memorized. 
“Uh, yeah. A quad iced...” 

“Iced espresso with a single pump of white mocha. Sure thing.” Apparently I’ve been coming here so long she can now finish my sentences. Grinding and steam noises filled the room on top of the chatter from the people in line. “Okay sir, your coffee is ready.” 

Her smile always gets me but I’m never going to let you know that. “Thank you, I’ll see you...” 
“tomorrow.” And there it was that soft smile that burns me up inside. 

I took a sip and made my way towards the exit. Once I reach my car I start digging for the keys in pocket. I begin to panic, where are my keys?! When from behind me I hear yelling. “Hey! You left your keys on the counter.” 

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.” I have never seen her from behind the counter before. For some reason, now that the counter was gone her curvy figure had me almost spill my coffee. She was gorgeous. She wore skinny jeans that showed her tight little ass along with high top converse. Her uniform shirt was a plain black button up tight enough where you could still notice her firm C cup breast. Her hair pulled back into a simple ponytail. I was captivated by her, all I could do was take her in, not realizing the whole time I was just standing there starring at her. I made it very awkward for her. 

“So, uhm, yeah. You know you come in here every day and you never talk to me, why is that?” She asked with a smirk on her face. 
A million thoughts rushed through my head. Does she want me to talk to her? Is she flirting with me right now? What do I say? “uhm, I don’t know. Was I supposed to?” 

I stammer along nervous, it’s clear she caught me off guard, there was no I was going to recover and still seem “cool.”
She stood there biting on her lip. “Yes! Yes you were! I’ve been waiting for a chance to talk to you. You always leave in such a rush I have never gotten a chance until today.” 

I stood speechless, what was I supposed to say? I shuddered 

“Here come with me real quick, I have something to show you.” She grabbed my hand and led to the back of the coffee shop. It’s what you expect a stockroom of a coffee shop to look like, giant five pound bags of coffee, tones of extra cups and metal shelves holding it all. 

“What are we doing back here?” I ask. Confused by her sudden actions. 

“Uhm, hopefully each other.” She replied biting on her lip. “I’ve been wanting you for a while now. Always coming in here stripping me down with your eyes. Did you think I wouldn’t notice?” 

I am stammer along muttering noises that in no way sound like words. 

“Shh, it’s ok. I know what you want, and I definitely know what I want.” She pushed me into a corner and dropped to her knees. Her hands ripping my pants open. I tried to resist her all of this was too sudden for me. She took me into her mouth and I couldn’t resist any longer. My fingers ran through her hair until my hand grasped the back of her head. Her hand was wrapped around the base, jerking, and match the bobbing rhythm she mad with her mouth. I have never become so enlarged in my life. She moaned when she forced me into the back of her moth. Her saliva running down her chin and down my member, she was using it as a lubricant as she slide her hand down the shaft over the tip. 

I looked down to her light brown eyes gazing up at me, her stroking me in her hand, surely this was a dream. No way this could be happening to me right now. All I could do was enjoy as I forced her mouth back onto me. She continued it felt like forever, bliss over ran my body. 

She stopped and stood up. “You know this is a two way street right?” She spun me around and positioned her body in the corner I was just pinned into. She unbuttoned her pants and slide them along with her black panties to the ground. She bite her lip, “Your turn.”

I drop to my knees, my hands sliding down from her ass to back of her thighs. I move one of her legs over my shoulder, and take in her shaven pussy. I press my lips against the inside of her thighs and work my way slowly to her slit. Her juices had her glistening by the time I got there. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit through her lips past her clit in one long pass. She let out a soft moan as her hands pushed the back of my head deeper into her. I licked her slowly as pressed my tongue hard against her clit as I passed it. I felt her fingernails dig into the back of my head. I separated her lips with my tongue and sucked her swollen clit into my mouth. I flicked the tip of her clit with my tongue. She pressed my head harder into her, she almost suffocated me. I took my fingers and rubbed her lips until they were moist enough for me to insert them. My index and middle finger penetrated her and she let out a gasp. I ran my fingers along her upper wall making sure to run past her rough spot completely. 

All of this continued. My fingers playing with her spot deep inside her and her clit getting sucked and manipulated with my tongue. She began moaning loudly and her hips tried to move along with rhythm I set with my hand. I thought to myself, I wonder if the customers in the next room could hear her. Hell, did she even care? 
Her hips were slowing down, I felt a tremble run down her leg, and juices then covered my entire hand. I stood up. She looked at me biting her lip again, she looked so hot when she bit her lip. She unbuttoned her shirt exposing her supple breast hiding behind her lacey black bra, also hiding was a small butterfly hanging from her navel. She turned away from me, arching her back. Her ass even more beautiful outside of her pants. 

I began to tease her, only running my tip in between her slit. Building up her juices until I thrust forward, making her take all of me at once. I could see her hands grab the metal shelving as if she was hanging on for her life. I continued, long deep thrust making sure the angle would pass over her rough spot inside her. I reached forward placed my hand under her bra. Taking her breast into the palm of my hand, while i continued to fuck her tight little pussy.My other hand reached down in between her legs, I placed he my fingers between her clit and massaged it in circular motion matching the thrust from my hips. Her moaning was louder, surely at this point the other baristas and customers upfront heard her, but this didn’t seem to bother her. 

I felt her walls tightening around me, she looked back over her shoulder, “I need you to cum in my mouth. Cum in my mouth!” I grabbed her shoulder and forced her to her knees in front of me. She took me into her hand and slide from the base up past the tip and down again. My hand forced her mouth onto me by pushing the back of her head. Her lips wrapped around me she bobbed vigorously, matching the jerking she was doing with her hand. The pressure built up, shortly after I couldn’t hold it in anymore and released into the back of her throat. With each pulse she bobbed her head and jerked my shaft, until there was nothing left. She gazed up making sure i watched her swallow my cum and gave me a cute smirk. 

A knocking came from the door, soon after a skinny man peeps from behind the door. "Are you two done? I can't turn up the radio any louder and it's getting kind of busy." 

Immediately she blushed, and began to dress. I buttoned my pants and handed her the clothes in my reach. She kissed me on the lips, I could still taste me on her lips. She stepped threw the door and half way came back. "I'll have your coffee ready for you tomorrow morning." 

A devilish smile was on her face. She knew for a fact I was coming back.