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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, ok my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. Im a 19 yrs old I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. Im up for msning I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(i would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Succubus part 4 - Tom in Skyrim

This story follows on from The Succubus part 3

A few months later Tom and Emma were still dating. It was odd I had totally fallen for Tom but I was OK with him dating Emma, I think it had something to do with the attitude twist that had occurred as I became a sex daemon. Tom was very happy but refused to have sex with me now that he was dating Emma, he did still allow me to modulate the sex he did have to make it amazing, they would often have a session where they would both have three to four massive orgasms each but I wanted more I wanted to feel Tom inside me for real and not just feel it by proxy inside Emma. I had also grown to wondering what Emma's slit tasted like and I would often slip inside Toms head as he went down on her, but it was always too tempting to go into Emma to feel him go down.
“Tom, you have to introduce me to her. Please please please” I asked one night as we snuggled together in his bed, we didn't have sex but we still cuddled up.
“No what if you scare her away?” he asked
"well you're not going to be able to keep me a secret forever and the longer you leave it the more likely it is that she would be angry at you for keeping such a big secret, think about it, you date for a year and then say that every time that you've had sex I was there watching. Every date you'd had I was there helping, giving you tips."
"Humm you do make a good point”
“And when I've been introduced, you might be able to get that threesome you've been dreaming about” I say biting my lip seductively.
“But how do I tell her?”
“You should just tell her and then I'll materialize next to you, and we see where it goes from there”
“Fine, next time she's over I'll bring it up”
"And meanwhile do you want to experience a sexual fantasy dream tonight? We haven't done that yet."
"That’s the one where I'm essentially in a ... how did you put it? A hyper realistic dream.... with lots of sex?"
"Yeah, in any setting you choose" I say with a grin 
"Well there is one that I would like to try out.... there's this game I have been playing Skyrim..."
"Say no more, I will create the fantasy that you desire" It took me a few seconds to ready myself before sending the fantasy into his mind. His eyes closed as he drifted into a deep sleep.


I walked through the gates of Whiterun with my companion Aela. We had just cleared out a cave of bandits to the North-East of Whiterun. Aela had fought with her usual grace, poise, and unrestrained viciousness. We were walking to Jorrvaskr to check in with the Companions before we set out again. Just as we were walking into the market just up the street from gate we heard a blood curdling scream come from the gate.

We turned round to see two vampires and a vampire's thrall attacking the remaining gate guard, the other guard was lying bleeding on the bridge. We took in the scene as we both pulled weapons and started back down the street, sprinting to try to reach the guard before he was killed. I felt the surge of adrenalin that always kicked in before a fight. My hands wrapped around the handle of my enchanted katana and my brutal Orcish knife. The vampires thrall stepped up to intercept us, trying to give his masters more time but one of Aela's knives slashed his throat open as she barely paused on her way to the vampires. I was a few steps behind Aela and had to jump the thrall’s body and then I was in the fight. My katana blade clashing against one of the vampire’s long sword. My dagger flashed out burying into the vampires neck as he was focused on my sword. The vampire dropped down and I moved to Aela and the other vampire who were circling each other blades at the ready nether moving just staring at each other and circling, Alea moving like a cat, dangerous as a panther...not that I would compare her to a cat to her face, she would probably take it as an insult.
 I was about to move in to take a slash at the vampire when the one I had just taken down slashed out with his sword. I saw it in slow motion. He had been lining still as death and then his grip on the sword tightened and he slashed out at Aela's legs. Somehow she reacted fast enough to leap up the blade flashing beneath her feet. She turned in the air landing and slicing the vampire’s neck again this time cutting all the way through with one of her impossibly sharp knives. The other vampire lurched forward out of the way of my distracted swing. He extended his blade slicing into her unprotected side. The blade cut deep and fresh red blood flowed out of her running down the metal and chain armour on her hips. My second slide was more precise and decapitated the vampire in a smooth slice. His body crumpling to the floor and the head rolling to rest at the door of Warmaidens, the blacksmith.
I immediately ran the couple steps to where Alea was crumpled on the floor. I picked her up and ran up the hill to Jorrvaskr. Her blood running over my hands and her empty quiver bashing against my legs, reminding me that we should have collected our arrows from the bodies of the bandits. Then we could have avoided getting within blade range of the vampires.

I ran through the market and up the steps into the cloud district and up the next flight of steps towards Jorrvasker. I was out of breath I I burst into Jorrvasker and carried Alea to her bed. I lay her down I pulled off her leather armour to reveal the wound. I pressed a bunch of cloth up against the wound to try to steam the bleeding. As I pressed into her side I glanced at the rest of her exposed torso. Toned muscle gave her a flat stomach the only lines those of the muscles that seemed to make an arrow that pointed down towards her waist, disappearing below her armour. My eyes travelled upwards to her breasts, they were large, and round, the nipple was small about the size of a penny. I could feel myself getting distracted from what I was doing. I shook myself and grabbed some more bandages and wrapped them around her stomach to hold the wad of bandages in place then I could look around the room to find her healing potions.
I found them on a shelf in the corner of the room. When I had got them down her throat I could finally relax as the potions slowly did their work. I sat down on a chair and started to tend to my own wounds. I glanced up and saw Alea lying there and once again was captivated by her beauty her strong face with its three stripes of war paint made me forget what I was doing. I was still staring when Njada Stonearm stopped by the door. "You know she would rip your head off if she saw you staring" she joked
"True" I nodded before finishing off bandaging a minor cut on my arm I hadn't noticed until after the fight. When I looked back up Njada was standing there topless her leather jacket on the floor next to her. I dropped the roll of bandage in surprise. It rolled away leaving a white trail behind it. Her stomach was just a toned at Aleas, her breasts slightly smaller but perky with larger nipples. I followed the lines of her muscles pointing down beneath the fur skirt.
"I thought you might want to look at something without getting your head ripped off" She grinned a smile lighting up her normally severe face.
 I grinned and beckoned her over to the thick fur mat on the other side of Alea's room. She came in the door closing it behind her and pulling off her fur skirt stepping toward me fully naked. She stepped up to me and gently started unbuckling my armour pulling it off and discarding it on the floor.
She slowly revealed my toned chest then my well-muscled legs. Her hands brushed over my body exploring the muscles. She rested her hands on my pecks and leaned in. a thrill of excitement coursed through me as her lips brushed softly against mine. Her hands started to trace down my chest she circled them around my hips and pulled me close. Her breasts pressed against me and her lips melded into mine as we tasted each other’s excitement. I realized that my hands had been hanging uselessly by my sides as I tried to process what was happening I immediately put my hands on her hips. Then I ran my hands up her sides, my thumbs brushing across her flat stomach and stopping just as they reached the base of her breasts that were pressed hard against me.
The feel of her skin against mine was starting to unleash the beast in me. I could feel him stirring inside growling with lust. I responded by running my hands down to Njada’s waist and lifting her easily. She wrapped her legs round my waist. Now her moist lips were pressed right up the length of my shaft with my tip just brushing her clit. She started rocking back and forth rubbing against me. This made the beast happy. As Njada’s pleasure started to grow with the rocking she became more distracted and couldn’t keep up with the intense kissing. She pulled away biting my bottom lip and pulling it with her before she finally let go and threw her head back gasping. Her chest heaved against me her breathing heavy and sultry. The beast inside me was roaring now. I couldn’t resist it any longer. I knelt and lay her on the soft fur rug. I knelt over her admiring the soft fire light dance over her pale supple body.  Then I spread her legs and bent down between her legs kissing her stomach. I kissed down her stomach following the inviting lines of her muscles down to her smooth crotch. She gasped as I kissed close to her wet lips. I could feel the heat radiating from her. Each kiss sent a small shudder through her body then I moved over to kiss the other side letting her feel my breath bush against her. I wanted to tease her more but I could help myself I wanted to taste her so I gently kissed the outer lips then slid my tongue between her lips opening them up. She tasted tangy, musky, and a bit salty, I couldn’t get enough. I slid my tongue upwards towards her clit, I stopped just before I got to it, the last bit of teasing I could cope with. I started to flick her clit with my tongue occasionally slide down and licking the entrance to her pussy where every so often I’d get another steam of tangy juices. Her hands rand through my hair and pushed me in more.  I responded by flicking her clit hard and fast making her shudder and groan. Then she gently pulled the hair pulling me away from her crotch and I started kissing up her stomach and around her supple breasts. I stopped as I kissed up her neck and reached her face, the hard lines softened by the firelight and the red glow of her flushed cheeks.
 I stared deep into her eyes as I slowly positioned my penis at her entrance and slowly penetrated her. I gasped with the pleasure of her hot wet walls enveloping me. She was biting her lower lip and making small whimpers of pleasure. The beast roared with satisfaction and I started thrusting in and out. Slowly at first but then gently speeding up until I was ramming into her in wild reckless passion. The beast was roaring I was grunting she was moaning. In the throes of passion I bit her neck, hard and she gasped her fingers clenched round my back the nails digging in.
She thrust her hips back against me in time with my rhythm, our sweaty bodies gleamed in the fire light, pressed against each other as close as we could get. The firelight gleamed off her neck as she arched it back letting out a long wail, her body tensed beneath me and her pussy contracted around my cock. She started to jerk, spasming slightly over and over again as if all her muscles were contracting at once. The finally she relaxed flopping beneath me spent and practically comatose. Her eyes were rolled back and her mouth set in a distant dreamy smile. With one last thrust I exploded into her pumping wave after wave of cum into her soaking hole.
“Not bad,” a voice from the bed said. My head whipped round and I saw Alea watching us a small smile on her face as she continued “but if you want someone who can really satisfy the beast inside you, you will have to do better than that pup.”
“You offering?” I asked
“I may be too much for even your beast to handle” Alea said with a small grin.
“I think I can handle it” I retort
“Prove that you are beast enough for me then” with a wolfish grin she jumped off the bed now fully healed “Lets hunt”
She burst out of the room. I heard her go up the stairs and out of Jorrvasker. Then the night was filled with a long clear howl. I looked back at Njada who had regained consciousness “Go.” she smiled still a little out of it “I’ve had my fun, go and hunt” and with that I was up and out the door.