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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Josephine Skriver

This Story was submitted by Alex. I had a lot of fun reading it and I hope you do too.

It was Sunday night in Dallas Texas and the Oakland raiders were playing tonight. Josephine
Skriver sat in her hotel in her black victoria secret lingerie trying to figure out how she was going
to watch her favorite team the Oakland raiders play tonight. Scrolling through her phone she
was finally able to locate a sports bar just a couple blocks away from her hotel. So she decided
to hurry to catch kickoff she threw on a pair of black skinny jeans along with her favorite raiders
jersey which allowed her black lace bra to see through the perforations, with her raiders hat to
complete her outfit.
Walking into the bar she immediately noticed the majority of the crowd being men mostly all
cowboys fan since she was in Texas feeling out of place she made her way through the crowd
feeling several eyes on her. She was able to find a empty seat by the bar right in front of the tv
screen. The moment the young brunette sat down was when all the free drinks by several men
came in. Josephine wasn't going to turn down a free drink and happily flirted her way to get
many more.
With the game kicking off the raiders were able to return the kick for a touchdown making
Josephine scream and cheer standing out surrounding by opposing fans.
“Lets go raiders! Let's go raiders!” the brunette cheered
“don't get too cocky the game just started beautiful” a young gentlemen next to her trying to
make conversation
“I'm not cocky I just know we are better” josephine answered back giving him a flirty smile with a
wink the alcohol cleary taking an effect on her.
With the Dallas cowboys starting off slow
“woo yesss babby! Let's go Raiders!!” she cheered on as the raiders added another touchdown
to their lead now 14-0 just before halftime.
“It's okay baby just face it were a better team” Josephine mocking the man next to her feeling
confident with her team.
“It's just halftime there still plenty of time to come back” he responded
“No way! You guys have absolutely no chance this game is over.” The brunette said with a small
slur in her voice getting quite comfortable with the man.
“Is that so how about a small wager then beautiful since you're so confident” he asked

“Mmmh that sounds interesting what's the wager I mean your team is down 14-0 you have no
chance” she mocked him licking her seductive lips
“Well if you win I will walk naked across the bar, but if you lose you and me step into the
restroom” he whispered in her ear
Instantly responding accepting the deal with a devilish smile “well looks like you better start
stripping cause you have no chance at getting with me”
With the cowboys coming out the half scoring a touchdown the young model's confidence was
suddenly gone and now was worried.
“I think you should start stripping love can't wait to taste those pretty lips” the man mocked her
Josephine continuing to take more drinks trying to calm herself down when suddenly another
cowboys touchdown tying the score up at 14-14.
Josephine was now speechless as she watched her team get shut down the second half with
the cowboys winning 28-14. She was left shocked wondering what just happened and what she
just got herself into. Thinking if she should run or honor her bet. Looking over at the young man
thinking to herself this shouldn't take long and he's pretty good looking young man, the alcohol
was clearly talking for her now.
“Not to cheerful now are you” the cowboy fan mocked her.
“Shut up. Lets get this over with.” She stood up taking the man's hand walking toward the
restroom in the rear which seemed to be less busy. Making her way into the men's restroom
“Do not tell anyone about this understood.” The victoria secret model warned him pushing him
toward the corner in the back where she dropped down to her knees instantly wanting to get this
over with. Reaching forward at the man's belt only to be stopped.
“hold on there” the man stopped her picking the angel back up to her feet “strip for me first.”
“Are you Serious” She shot him a angry look reluctantly deciding to obey unable to resist her
inner urges.
Removing her black raiders hat letting her hair loose throwing The hat onto a nearby sink.
Followed by her raiders jersey leaving the brunette in jeans and a black lace bra. “Mm that looks
sexy” the young man smiled as he started unbuttoning his jeans to let his massive cock out
beginning to stroke himself
“Turn around remove those jeans let's see what your hiding under there” he smiled.
Unable to resist herself she turned pulling her tight jeans bending over to slide them off pushing
her tight ass covered by a black lace thong toward the gentlemen giving him a small subtle
shake teasing him. Suddenly feeling rough manly hand giving her bottom a tight squeeze and a
loud spank leaving his mark making her jump back around in disgust,
“What the fuck! That hurt!” she rubbed her ass cheek standing in her victoria secret lingerie on
the inside the alcohol was making her aroused.
“Happy now ” she asked
“Not yet” he motioned her down to her knees where she dropped to the floor at eye level with
his hard rod swallowing her nerves staring in shock by its size.

“A bet is a bet. I guess everything's bigger in texas” josephine teased with a devilish smile
reaching out taking a hold of his cock struggling to wrap her fingers around it she begins
stroking it slowly watching how more pre cum would ooze with every stroke fantasizing how it
would feel sliding into her tight cunt. She squeezed down tighter stroking faster doing her best to
soak it in precum, then the brunette hungrily opening her jaw taking the tip into her mouth
sucking hard and licking up all the precum she could into her mouth before pulling off making a
loud popping sound and spitting it all back onto his cock to continue her sloppy handjob.
Working his cock faster now covered in her spit and cum Making it into a sloppy mess in her
hand. Making the young man groan standing in shock as the runway model worked his cock in
her fragile hands.
“YOU BETTER NOT CUM YET I'M FAR FROM DONE.” Josephine looked straight up at him
before taking his ballsack into her mouth while continuing to jerk him off. She took his full sack
playing with it in her mouth and covering it in her spit sucking and slobbering down his sack. Her
spit running down her chin not missing an inch of his balls. Josephine took his hard rod and
bringing it down to smack her face while she tugged on his sack with her mouth pulling off
making a loud pop. She went back with her tongue licking him from his sack up to his tip
slobbering up his rod then pulling away and smacking each side of her face repeatedly with his
rod covering her lovely face in cum and her own spit all while looking up at him “are you ready
for your reward’ she laughed now fully into it. Speechless all he could do was nod at her.
Josephine continuing to stroke his slippery rod bringing both her hand wrapping them both
around his thick pole jerking the stranger off. Enjoying the sloppy mess she made now covering
her small hand. Spitting down on it before hungrily taking his full length into her tiny mouth
holding him down for as long as she could moving her fragile hands down to grip onto his legs
she pushed herself trying to swallow as much as she could struggling to hold him down she
gagged and cough coming back up for air with strands of spit and cum hanging off her lips, her
teary eyes now spreading her mascara only to be suddenly forced back down by the his rough
hands taking control of the victoria secret models cock hungry mouth. He began thrusting his full
sloppy length into her pushing himself down her throat and fucking the brunettes skull while she
clawed onto his legs digging her nails into him. Unable to stop the much larger man she closed
her eyes letting the man do what he wanted to the dirty angel.
He fucked the models skull without any sign of slowing down. She was struggling to breathe with his rod down her throat and the sloppy mess of cum and her spit dripping out her tiny mouth down her
neck onto her tits gagging on her own sloppy mess. Her slurping and gagging noises filling the
restroom. With her eyes shut tight trying to keep her composure and her throat relaxed she slid
her fragile fingers deep in her wet cunt rubbing up against her walls grinding down on her hand.
With the man's rod fucking her pretty mouth she never noticed the second gentlemen entering
the restroom who was now standing behind the brunette stroking his large cock.

Josephine was pulled off his sloppy cock she gasped for air heaving trying to regain her
composure hoping he was almost done. She coughed up cum and spit bringing her hands up to
wipe her sloppy face so she can open her eyes back up.
“Well that was exciting” the brunette laughed
She was suddenly pulled from her hair in the opposite direction taken by surprise her mouth
was filled right back up by a new cock from a second stranger in front of her unable to fight the
heat her pussy was building up she closed her eyes again to enjoy the new cock sliding and
stretching her worn out throat. Josephine grabbed onto both her breast smearing onto her tits
the sloppy mess of cum and spit she had made before squeezing down on her own nipples and
clawing her tits as the stranger continues the face fucking on the angel.
Feeling the hands of her original lover grip her waist bringing her to her feet which she happily
helped standing up while keeping the new cock in front of her down her throat. Pulled up for air
coughing and gasping giving her a moment to look back to the man running his fingers between
her wet cunt
“We need to hurry up I don't need more surprises can you lock the door honey” she asked the
stranger standing in front of her.
Her head yanked back by her hair as the man behind ripped her black victoria secret panties off
her lining up his prick to the models tight wet cunt pushing his head in her pussy swallowing up
his rod happily.
“Mmmhhh yeeessss! Fuck me cowboy!!!” she groaned. The man not wasting a second as he
began pounding into her petite frame her perfect ass bouncing off the stranger cock making the
the models groans fill the restroom.
“Yesss babbby!!! Come on give it to me harder” she cried out “Mmmhhh yesss stretch my
raiders pussy show how a cowboy fucks” she yelled encouraging him to fuck the angel harder.
The second man coming back in front of her making her lounge forward eager to take his cock
back in her mouth. Josephine now standing between two complete stranger getting her holes
stretched spit roasted and treated like a dirty angel.
The pounding behind her pushing the models throat to take the cock in front of her deeper down
her throat. Josephine was getting tossed between two cocks shutting her eyes enjoying the ride
and the feeling of her tight cunt getting stretched while the cock in front of her pushed itself
down her throat. Treating her like a dirty whore the man pounded down onto her perfect ass
with pushing his cock deep into her cunt. The angel gagged and choked on her own spit and
cum struggling to breathe while she made a sloppy mess of her pretty face. Her mind completely
lost by the sensation of the fat rod thrusting into her tight cunt combined with the cock down her
throat turning her pretty face bright red. Josephine feeling her tight cunt burning as she gripped
tight onto the man's legs in front of her digging her nails into him, her long smooth legs were
trembling as she felt her orgasm build up. The brunette throwing her petite frame back trying to
push the cock deeper in her cunt trying to get herself off, Josephine began to buck and squeeze
her cunt down onto the cock thrusting into her pussy riding onto her orgasm her legs losing

control as she shivered into her orgasm her slim body began to spasm making her knees give
out making the angel crash down onto the floor as she trembled and rolled her eyes back
shaking in pleasure on the cold floor groaning in pleasure in front of two complete strangers.
With the angels pussy twitching for more she looked onto the second man's cock which was
noticeably longer.
“Think you can handle me cowboy cause I'm not done with neither of you yet” Josephine
eagerly standing up it was obvious the only thing in her mind right now was taking more cock in
her holes. The angel taking the man by surprise as she wrapped her hands around his neck
planting a deep kiss.
“Catch me!” she commanded taking the man by surprise as she jumped on him wrapping her
long legs around his waist. The large man instantly grabbing onto her perfect ass now holding
her up. Josephine lifting herself up placing his large rod in her cunt before sliding back down
pushing it deep in her groaning in small pain and pleasure.
“Woooow that's a big cock” she groaned slowly grinding and adjusting to the new rod in her
pussy. Looking back biting down on her perfect lips at her first lover who need no invitation
standing right behind her rubbing his his spit covered fingers on her perfect victoria secret
model asshole.
“OOOOHH MMMYYY!!!” josephine yelled as the fat cock now pushed itself in splitting her tight
model asshole.
“ahhhhh just put it in already!” she begged to the stranger going to slow for the angel. Looking
back toward into the eyes of a complete stranger begging at him “FUCK ME!!”
The two cowboy fans began bouncing Josephine Skriver small frame stretching her tight holes
while her screams filled the room.
“Yesss...Yesss..YEESSS!!!!” she groaned giving her body up to the two cowboys fan now
double penetrating her she raised her hands holding her hair up enjoying the ride, gasping out
of air feeling her second orgasm approaching. The two men speeding up as they two were also
close to shooting their loads into the models perfect body. The two men now in rhythm lifting the angels body
and crashing her back down onto their rods, Josephine moans getting louder.
“Mmmhhh yesss harder harder!!!!” She begged her body bucking onto another orgasm the men
continuing to pound into her intensifying her cumming, Josephine's head was spinning and lost in
pleasure feeling her holes continue to be pounded.
The men now close to cumming bring the slut down to her feet, she collapses down to her
knees unable to stand on her trembling legs.
Josephine opening her eyes back up. Gasping for air trying to recover greeted by two strangers
rod jerking in front of her ready to cover the angels face. Reaching forward the model took a
hold of both rods gripping each one

“let me help you with that” the angel eager for her cum began jerking both bringing the men
closer. Opening her tiny jaw and swallowing each cock taking turns and switching back and
forth between the two strangers. Slobbering on each cock before bringing both to the tip of her
tongue and smacking herself with their rods. Working their cocks faster waiting for her reward.
“Please baby give it to me give me you cowboy cum pleeassee” Josephine begged.
“C’mon cover this raider slut in your cum show me you're better ... I need your cum”
Josephine begging to be covered.
The men shooting their loads to her wide open mouth filling her up while she looked up at them
with cum pooling in her mouth dripping out of her lips running down her chin to her breast. She
let the men enjoy the mess they made of her a couple more minutes as they slapped there
sloppy cocks all over her face smearing their cum, before she closed her soft lips swallowing
down their tasty load then opening back up and showing her empty mouth.
“WOOO! LET'S GO COWBOYS” she laughed reaching forward and licking the last drips of cum
flowing out their tips making sure she got all of it.
The men quickly dressed while Josephine remained on the floor scooping whatever cum left she
could off her breast and face.
“Here you go babe have fun” the original stranger tossed Josephine her raiders hat before
taking her clothes and walking out.
“WTF! YOU BITCH” she yelled chasing after him naked with cum still dripping of her lips only to
be greeted by several more cowboy fans outside the restroom.