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Hi so I have started blogging because I love to write, ok my grammar leaves something to be desired but the content its what I aim for, I hope I do it justice. Im a 19 yrs old I love writing sex story's I'd love you to read them and tell me what you think. Im up for msning I'll chat and role play but my big thing is my story's, I have posted them on other sites on the net and they have gone down well but the comments are a bit naff. So that's me have a read and enjoy, comment if you enjoyed them. Happy reading.(i would ask that if you read the stories to leave a comment, I do like feedback please)

Friday, 13 February 2015

Meeting the Fans

I couldn't believe my luck, or my eyes. Sitting right in front of me was my favorite smut writer of all time. The chances of me actually meeting her in a bar at random like this were practically a billion to one. I was simply astonished. 
   On the downside, she hasn't seem to notice me much. Not that I could blame her. I, and a few of my pals had met her earlier tonight, and  After a few drinks, it came up in conversation that she was a writer. But not just any writer, our own personal favorite writer of... Mature materiel. My buddy Nate was already making advances that seemed to be rather effective, although my lesbian friend Jane had boasted that this was a one in a life time opportunity, which she fully intended to be the one to take advantage of. Meanwhile I had been sitting off on what was merely the other side of the table, but felt like the other side of the postal code, feeling slightly sorry for myself.
   Katie smiled and remarked how much she was enjoying hanging out with her fans, which caused several different responses. Nate said something flirty, and I suppose clever, I don't really remember exactly what, but Jane just out here hand on Katie's leg. Obviously I couldn't see through the table but with the look in her eyes, it didn't take much imagination to figure out where she planned on going from here. Jane was never one to beat around the bush when she wanted to shag someone, and she was attractive enough that she was rarely turned down. It seemed the race was over.
   'I'll be hanged if I don't at least give it a shot.' I thought to myself.  "So Katie, have you ever considered doing a collaboration with a fan? In person I mean?" I finally spoke up, rather proud of myself for not being to shy to say anything like I normally was.
   She looked at me and seemed rather surprised. "So he does speak after all." She teased.
"Yes, give him time and you won't know how to get him to shut up." Jane said, scooting closer to Katie and glaring at me. It seemed I was cramping her style a bit."
   Katie laughed at what had sounded like a joke, although one never knew with Jane. "Yes David, I had been hoping for an opportunity to do jut that for a while now. Are you up to it?"
   'Wow, she remembered my name. I only said it once, and that was hours ago.' I thought. I nodded. "Just say the word and you've got yourself a side kick."
    "Wouldn't that be kind of awkward, writing something like that together I mean?" Nate asked.
   "Perhaps, but then content isn't going to write itself, so we'll figure something out." Katie explained.
   I was feeling bold, and I was low on time so I decided to take a risk. "Besides, I know a few ways we could break the ice." I said, doing my best to sound suggestive, which if I'm being honest, isn't my strong point.
   Katie gave me a Smirk that I found quite sexy. "Ooooh, sounds like someone here has ulterior motives."
   Nate laughed. "I think everyone here does. I don't know if you noticed but all of us are kind of coming onto you." Apparently Nate was through beating around the bush as well.
   But that was nothing compared to Jane's next move. She took Katie's face in her hands and looked her in the eye. Then without warning, she gave her a deep, passionate kiss. Nate looked like he considering joining in.
   "Oh my, that was rather forward." Katie said with a grin when the kiss was broken.
   "Hey, that's not fair." I objected. "I can't do that kinda thing cuz' I have to be a gentleman." 
   Katie looked back at me. "Just who told you you couldn't do that David?" She asked with a slightly flat tone.
   "Well no one I guess." I said dumbly. She merely cocked her head to the side a little.
   I stood up, walked around the table and kissed her just as Jane had, long and slow. "Now how hard was that?" She asked sweetly.
"It wasn't at all, but I'm still glad I waited for an invitation."
    Jane spoke up again. "Ignore him. Come home with me Katie. Come home with me now, and fuck me."
   "Someone's out of ideas." Nate muttered with a wry smile.
  Katie laughed. "If you've all been competing to see who can get me into bed, then I'm going to save all of you some time. I've already decided that I want David." I wasn't quite sure I had heard her right.
    Jane crossed her arms and made the same sour face she always did when she didn't get her way.
   "What? But he's hardly said anything." Nate objected.
   "True, but you see, David has already written, and shown me a story about us together. I quite enjoyed that story. I'm very interested in seeing how the writer of said story would preform in real life."
    I was astonished to say the least. "Wait, I'm not the only one who's sent you stories like that. How do you know which one was mine?"
    "Nate called you 'Ice' a while ago. I'm guessing that's a nickname."
   I nodded. 
    "So then, you do think you can live up to your stories?" She asked.
   I chuckled a little. "No but I'm willing to try if you'll let me."
   She smiled again. "Well then, what's keeping us here?" 
   A few minutes later we were in my car on the way back to my apartment. During the drive we discussed our common interest in writing. Although the conversation eventually turned to what kind more socially acceptable literature we were interested in, I still couldn't help glance down at her enticing figure. I was normally better at keeping my eyes in the road then this, but for some reason, something about her just excited me more then any other girl. I hoped she didn't notice the slight bulge that was already developing in my pants, though I'm not sure why, considering we both knew the ultimate goal here.
   We pulled in to the parking space outside the building and went inside without saying much. I pulled her inside, trying not to seem to eager, and wrapped my arms around her waste. I pressed a gentle kiss to her lips, and then slowly open my mouth. I shivered slightly and began to massage her tongue with my own as our breath began to mingle. I carefully began to unbutton her blouse as she slipped her arms around my neck. She broke the kiss long enough to shrug out of her shirt and then help me out of mine. We went back making out and I started guiding her back to my room. Once there, I unhooked her bra as we both stepped out of our shoes. Again, she stepped back and pulled it off, and gave me a sexy smile.
   I slid my left hand down her body, to her thigh and lifted her leg and wrapped it around me. She then lifted her other leg and wrapped it around me in the same manner. I placed my hands under her ass to support her and began to squeeze as I kissed her more aggressively. I then backed up, sat down on the bed and rolled over so I was on top. I began to grind against her as I continued grabbing her tight ass. She moaned slightly as I pressed myself against her.
   I then pulled my mouth away from hers and began to passionately kiss her neck. From there I moved down to her chest, and I began to lick and suck her breasts. She let out another please moan and began to run her fingers through my hair as I pleasured her perky tits. I playfully sucked on her nipples and gently but them until they were hard as diamonds. 
   I then continued further down, leaving a trail if kisses across her stomach, finally arriving between her legs. I pulled her jeans off, and then her soaked lace panties, then looked up at her and smiled, waiting for approval. She didn't seem to have any objection judging by the look in her face so placed a loving french, or rather Australian kiss as they say, on her wetness. I gently grazed her labia with my teeth and flicked my tongue across her clit.
    "Yes, that's it baby, go down on me."  She said as she pushed my head further into her sex.
   I began to finger he clit as I continued to eat her out. She groaned and clamped her legs around my head, pinning me there, almost as off she thought I intended to leave before I had finished my job. I started to passionately to the fuck her as I moved a hand down to my crotch to massage my throbbing erection through my pants. Before long though I had to bring the hand back up again. I grabbed her the hips and pulled her into against my face. Meanwhile she continued to push my head into her pussy to the point where I felt like I was in danger if suffocating. I didn't much mind though. As I guzzles her sweet juices and continued to fuck her with my mouth, I figured that wouldn't be such a bad way to go.
    "Ahhhhh! Yes! I'm gonna cum!" She shouted. I shoved my tongue in one last time and then felt her shake and convulse as her cum filled my mouth. I drank up as much as I could, and what I didn't initially swallow, I licked off of her thighs, and the bed. And then climbed up beside her and laid down next to her as she smiled at me and tried to catch her breath.
    To my slight surprise, she grabbed me and kissed me full on the mouth, probing me with her tongue as if purposely trying to taste as much of her self as possible. My erection grew even more.
   "You are fucking awesome." I told her.
   She chuckled and mounted me. "You haven't seen anything yet." She quickly undid my belt and pulled my cock out of my jeans. I suddenly felt a little insecure about my rather small 6 inches. She did t seem to mind however. She raised herself up and teased the head with her slit. I groaned, wanting more then I could remember wanting anything in a long time. Then, she slowly lowered herself down onto me, moaning as I entered her. She then began to move up and down on my shaft. I reached up and began to grope her taught breasts. She sped up and began to fuck me harder. I matched her rhythm with my hips and moved up into her as best I could. She started to cry out and  play with her clit as I pinched and twisted her nipples.
   I flipped us over so she was in her back and drilled into her as fast and as hard as I could, practically drunk with pleasure.
   "Oh god yes! Fuck me! Make me cum!" She screamed. Wild with lust, I rammed into her with all of my might until I felt her walls tighten as she climaxed. The sheer bliss of her pussy milking my dick for cum was too much for me. I exploded inside of her, coating her walls with rope after rope of my wet sticky seed. We collapsed in a pile holding each other, and slowly began to drift off to sleep.